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totally random veggie soup + a hardcore run

Today’s another grey, rainy day, so why don’t we start with a warm bowl of soup?veggie stew with chickpeas and chickenThis creation is called “dump all of your random foods into the slow cooker” and it came out fabulously. It’s basically a vegetable soup + shredded chicken and chickpeas.

In the mix was an assortment of randomness from my fridge and freezer… let’s see if I can name all of the weird food in this soup. Carrots, celery, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, sweet potato, chicken, dried chickpeas. I think that’s all of them but there is a very high chance I’m missing another odd vegetable.veggie stew with chickpeas and chickenThrow all ingredients into the slow cooker (okay, I sauteed the onions with some garlic and olive oil first), add 8 cups of water/chicken broth and forget. Ten hours later, shred chicken with a fork and stick it back in the soup for a few minutes. Top with cheese (we used parmesan) and serve with toast! veggie stew with chickpeas and chickenI filled my slow cooker almost all the way to the top with this soup, so it’s a good thing it turned out well. I’ll be eating this concoction for days.

And now, let’s venture outside this drizzly morning:1201150627Since the weather is so depressing I decided to head toward the bright lights of downtown today. After a long, quiet weekend, city streets are finally filling up again!

Don’t worry, I make sure to stop at all of the crosswalks ;). Fun fact: One time I actually caused a car wreck while crossing the street on a run (with the pedestrian go-ahead light, mind you) so I’m always extra careful. 1201150639Broadway is looking kind of luminescent today. Don’t you think?1201150642Seven miles in the rain makes me feel just a little bit hardcore. 1201150714And that’s a wrap!

  • Ever caused a car accident while running?
  • Most hardcore run you’ve ever done?
  • Do you follow recipes or just make stuff up?

8 thoughts on “totally random veggie soup + a hardcore run

  1. That’s crazy that you caused a wreck! I’ve caused a lot of quick stops/braking at crosswalks but I don’t think an accident ever. Downtown Nashville looks cute!

  2. My most hardcore run was a 9 trail race one February and of course it snowed the night before so the entire thing was on ice and snow – fell at least 3 times and it was the coolest I’ve ever been in my life. That and Boston this past year when it rained the entire time!

  3. Most hardcore run- getting caught in the middle of nowhere (cornfields) with lightening and hail. We had to run eight miles back while getting blasted with ice pellets.

    I tend to follow recipes but have been known to improvise to avoid a trip to the store.

  4. I caused a car wreck walking my dog just recently. One car stopped to let us cross the road and another crashed in to the back of it. I kind of felt bad.

  5. Drivers are crazy………….most of the time if they are turning right they don’t even look at the crosswalk for people…………scary!

    I did the Country Music half marathon in 2013…………..raining pretty good the entire time………….I was soaked before we started!