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latest run, next race + sewing machine adventures

Hello! Thanks for all of your fun comments on my bread making post yesterday. Hopefully I’ve inspired at least a few people to bake a loaf today :) Here are some things that I’ve been doing outside of bread making…1107150839Learning how to sew! My sister loaned me her machine because I had the sudden, intense desire to make my own table linens. I’ve been chipping away at a bunch of YouTube videos over the past few weeks and finally learned enough to be able to sew my own napkins.homemade christmas napkins red and green Seriously one of my proudest achievements of 2015. We served our holiday napkins with seasonal butternut squash soup!butternut squash soup with bread and cheeseThe hardest part about sewing isn’t actually sewing, by the way. It’s the measuring, cutting, ironing, and pinning of the fabric. Lots of math and no room for errors! It’s intense but I love it. Once you start working the machine your mind goes into this zen mode where you’re focused, but zoned out at the same time.

It kind of feels like the mental state I take on for a track workout. Except instead of sprinting, you are sewing. :)homemade christmas napkins red and greenThe soup, on the other hand, was totally freestyle. Roast squash. Seed and peel it. Puree it with stock + sauteed onion + salt and peppa. Serve with Parmesan and bacon!! Plus a sprinkle of cayenne if you’re feeling bold. Perfect winter dinner.butternut squash soup with bread and cheeseAnd yesterday I met up with Katie for a wintery run!1202150622It was a dark and windy morning, but my shiny headlamp and conversation kept us going.

This is one of the most wild streets in East Nashville — doesn’t it look like some trail through the forest? I feel like a pioneer when I run through it.1202150622bFive miles at a nice clip! Thanks for keeping me fast, Katie!1202150625Hopefully I’ll be fast this weekend, too! I’ve got the Jingle Bell 5k Run for the Arthritis Foundation in downtown Franklin on Sunday. Costumes/festivewear (I just made up that word) are encouraged and I already bought a fabulous race day top at Goodwill yesterday.  Locals: Come run it with me!Capture2343

Have a merry day!

  • Have you ever run a race in costume?
  • Do you know how to sew?
  • What’s the last craft/DIY project you tackled?

3 thoughts on “latest run, next race + sewing machine adventures

  1. I used to hand-sew some clothes in middle school and high school, but I’ve gotten out of it. I also used to knit, but definitely think I’ll go back to that when I have more time. Your napkins are beautiful!

    • I made another BN soup recipe this week! Haven’t tasted it yet, though (in an extreme act of willpower). It involves leeks. Hoping that will amp up the flavor.