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review: Xtend Barre Franklin

Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of attending Xtend Barre Franklin!xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0080This lovely studio is located off of Franklin Road in the Cool Springs area. It’s a bit of a drive from my East Nashville home, but my curiosity and love for fitness adventure made it worth the drive!
Unlike other barre studios I’ve attended, Xtend offers a mix of different class styles — which is nice for people like me who don’t mind changing it up! I attended two regular Xtend barre classes (similar to a “typical” barre class) as well as a Circuit 7 barre class (more like a boot camp).  The studio owner, Kristie, also told me about some of their other offerings: Xtend Fit Ball, Babies on Board, Combo, and Barre Xpress.

Starting with the regular Xtend barre class. Both of my sessions were good! Class started on time, instructors were nice, and the other class members were very welcoming.xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0068The class structure was similar to other studios’: 10-15 minute sections dedicated to different body areas, plus a warm-up and cool down. Barre movements are small yet mighty — we did these mini lunges for a full three minutes and my inner thighs were on fire.xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0061What stood out to me about Xtend barre’s regular class is that it was much more dance-focused than other studios. In both classes I attended, the instructor used real ballet terminology (taking me back to my very competitive dance career from ages 8 to 12 😉 ) and had us focus on form and technique. Keep those toes pointed and back straight!xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0064Xtend barre also has a strict sock policy, which I like. You might remember that the last barre studio I attended felt a bit unsanitary…yuck. The equipment in Xtend Barre Franklin’s studio is organized and well maintained. xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0072Don’t be fooled by these 1-2 pound weights — they’ll get you!!xtend_barre_franklin_review_DSC0076Overall, I was a fan of the regular Xtend barre classes. Definitely one of the better barre experiences I’ve had — and for the first time in my barre career, I was actually a little sore after one of the sessions. No complaints!

And now for a quick review of my favorite class: Xtend Circuit 7! This high-energy class is a little more my style. And I was more than a little sore after :)xtend_barre_franklin_tn_1125151827Our instructor Kristie led us through a series of 5-10 minute circuits, most of which relied on our own body weight. Lots of lunges, planks, and pushups. xtend_barre_franklin_tn_1125151835cThis class was so fun! I was a sweaty, tired mess by the end but the endorphin rush was worth it.xtend_barre_franklin_tn_1125151824bDuring all three of my Xtend barre classes, the instructor ended the class right on time and included a few minutes for stretching, too. I hate when classes start or end late or skip over the stretching — so, “Xtra” points for Xtend in that category too.xtend_barre_franklin_tn_1125151839I’ve been trying to think of a negative about this studio and the only thing I can come up with is that I wasn’t a huge fan of the music selection, which is basically Top 40 hits remixed to faster tempos. But, let’s be honest: I have an unusually strong preference for Rihanna, so I’m not your typical student when it comes to sound 😉

Thanks so much for hosting me, Xtend Barre! If you are in the Franklin/Brentwood/Nashville area and looking for a barre studio, I’d recommend this one first. It’s the best of the four studios I’ve visited and has the widest range of class styles. Plus, I thought the studio culture was just right for the types of classes they offer: Fun and a little serious, but not snooty at all.

Xtend Barre Franklin
Location  Franklin/Cool Springs
Class times  6 am – 7 pm
Class days 7 days a week
Locker rooms | showers  Cubbies | no
Price  $5 -$17 – per class depending on membership (see pricing)
Class duration  60 minutes (Xpress is 45)
Music  Yes! Top 40 remixes of sorts
Vibe  Fun, structured,  welcoming
Classes I tried  Xtend Barre + Circuit 7: Wednesday 7 pm, Friday 6 am, Wednesday 5:45 pm
Difficulty  Xtend Barre: 6. Circuit 7: 8.
Calories burned  Xtend Barre: 200. Circuit: 320.
Cardio-focused  Xtend Barre: 4. Circuit: 9.
Weights-focused Xtend Barre: 4. Circuit: 4. (but heavy on the body weight!)
Motivating  9
Fun  9
  • Do you belong to a studio? Which one?
  • Barre: yay or nay?
  • What’s the most important feature you look for in a fitness studio? Class variety? Class frequency? Location? Style?

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