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weekend recap + prettiest run of 2015

Hello there! How was your weekend? Ours was very low key, but nice. Anthony is fighting a cold right now so a lot of our time was spent drinking tea and watching The Good Wife. We are hooked!_DSC0407 Get better, Anthony! And get over yourself, Kalinda.

We did get out of the house a few times, though! On Friday we met up with some friends for beer and cards at our favorite spot — the Filling Station. I placed last! :(1204151941aBut on Saturday, I placed fourth! For women. In a turtleneck and antlers. At Jingle Bell 5k in Franklin! Full recap coming tomorrow :)
The race was fast and cold! But a few hours later it warmed up and the day was beautiful. Anthony had a bit of cabin fever so we set out for a very easy three-mile jog. Whenever I run in all black I feel like Claire Underwood...1205151334bNo better way to end a day than with a ten-pound burrito._DSC0393_DSC0397We met up with my family for dinner and a tour of my parents’ new house! They’re moving over the next couple of weeks and will live closer to all of their kids now :)
On Sunday morning I went out for one of the prettiest jogs of 2015. There was not a single soul out on the trails except for me, and the air was so frosty and wonderful. I usually try to limit myself to three photos per run but this one is too good not to recap in full. Brace yourself for some run envy:120615070212061507111206150714120615072512061507361206150752aAs if those views didn’t make for a perfect run… this lovely pile of street furniture/random crap sure did. 1206150658Plus a random door sitting out on Riverside Drive. Knock knock.1205151346Ten beautiful miles! This long run felt really good. Side note: How did I ever run a marathon? 26 miles seems totally insane to me right now. 1206150820Flash forward through hours of Sunday chores (and a few more episodes of The Good Wife. oops.)… we closed out the weekend with a lovely dinner hosted by friends. Lizzie made an awesome lentil/carrot soup and I brought the semi-famous roasted vegetable salad!1206151914Stay warm out there!

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • When you’re not training for a race, what is your typical long run distance?
  • Favorite card game?

2 thoughts on “weekend recap + prettiest run of 2015

  1. No race for me, but I got to spend the weekend in Connecticut and had a gorgeous but very chilly run by a bunch of fishing boats and gorgeous Christmas decorated homes on the water front! I keep my long runs around 8 miles when I am not training. And I like go fish……ha!