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2015 franklin jingle bell 5k recap

On Saturday, I ran the Jingle Bell 5k in Franklin! Organized by the Arthritis Foundation, this race benefits arthritis research. The race is held in a bunch of cities across the US and I was honored to be asked to participate in the Nashville/Franklin event. jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150806cThe race started at 8:30, and I arrived to pick up my bib around 8:15. Logistics were a breeze for this race — parking was easy, packet pick-up was easy, and the corral to the start line didn’t get too crowded. The atmosphere was so cheerful, too! Unlike other races that seem super tense before the start, the Jingle Bell 5k was laid-back and fun :). I mean, how serious can you be when you’re dressed like this?
Right before the race started, Kristie of Xtend Barre (who I just met through class the other week!) led us through some stretches. Santa joined in. He’s not very flexible. jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150821aAnd then we lined up at the start!jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150900I tried to take a few photos during the race but my phone couldn’t handle the speed. I’ve found that when I run under a 7:00 pace it can’t handle in-motion photography. Here’s how most of my photos came out:jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150836fSo, you’ll have to take my word that it was a beautiful course! The streets of downtown Franklin are so charming. And pretty flat, too :). There was a bit of an uphill during the first mile but the route didn’t have many inclines after that. There was plenty of space to pass and move around, and no sharp turns other than one part around the soccer fields/mile 2.jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150901cEven though I wore a Garmin during this race, I didn’t have a goal in mind since I’m not really training for speed (or anything else, haha) right now. I was hoping to keep my pace under 7:00 but decided in the first quarter mile that I wasn’t going to look at my watch. I just ran based on “feel” and tried not to let too many people pass me 😉 Here’s how I did!jingle_bell_5k_arthritis_foundation_franklin_tn_1205150857Not so bad! I ended up taking first in my age group and fourth for women with an official finish time of 21:10. All while wearing this very attractive cotton turtleneck from Goodwill. Get ready for one of my best blog photos to date:
Thanks for hosting me, Jingle Bell 5k! I’ll be back next year with an even faster pace and fancier costume :)

  • What’s your favorite race distance?
  • Have you ever raced in a costume?
  • Have you ever raced without looking at/wearing a GPS watch?

4 thoughts on “2015 franklin jingle bell 5k recap

  1. Great job! I love downtown Franklin. I have not raced in a costume or without a watch…………..maybe something to try! And I really like the half marathon distance, although I have never tried a 10K and I think I might like those, too!