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morning run + last night’s menu.

Morning!1209150638How are we mid-week already? At this time in two weeks I’ll be well into a 13-hour flight from LA to Brisbane! We are visiting Anthony’s family in Australia for Christmas this year :)

Anyways, back to the present. Today’s shaping up to be a nice one. I met Katie for some miles in a 43-degree morning. I’ve declared 43 degrees Farenheit as my all-time favorite temperature. Light long sleeves, capris, and one layer of gloves. Perfect!1209150635Speaking of gloves, I recently picked up this pair of smartphone-friendly running gloves and they’re awesome. I love the grippy interior that helps me hold onto my phone. As cheap as $12 at Costco or Amazon! PS I like to get a size large so that I can layer thinner gloves underneath when it gets in the 30s.1209150642Katie and I covered about six miles together and I had another one-ish to and from our starting point. That went by fast! 1209150641aWhen I came home I baked a loaf of bread! I made the dough overnight, let it rise during the run, and baked it while I packed lunches/showered. And now it’s just chillin as I write this post._DSC0428 Don’t let this loaf’s plain exterior fool you. Inside, there’s a mix of walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon… I’ll show you a slice tomorrow! If the loaf lasts that long, that is.

Other than bread, we’ve got a few Cook Smarts creations on the menu this week. Up first: tamale pie!mexican_tamale_pie_DSC0411This is basically a taco filling base (beef, sausage, beans, and corn in a tomato-y sauce) with a cornbread topping. We used blue corn meal which is why ours turned out purple!mexican_tamale_pie_DSC0412On the side: green beans in a paprika/coriander blend. Loved that spice combo and would have never thought of it myself.mexican_tamale_pie_DSC0409Serve with a generous pour of hot sauce. Ow!

  • Favorite spice/seasoning of all time?
  • Favorite winter running gear accessory?
  • Favorite type of bread? :)

4 thoughts on “morning run + last night’s menu.

  1. I always look forward to seeing your photography. So funny, I have the same gloves and thought I was the only one, but they are awesome!

    My favorite spices depends on the weather, but I’m on a cumin kick right now. and I love the classic salt and pepper on everything.

    Favorite winter running accessory is something around my neck because I’m a baby if my neck is cold!

  2. I like garlic on lots of stuff, but cinnamon is my favorite to add to breads and stuff!
    For winter I need a good headband that covers my ears and doesn’t let the wind thru.
    I am a fan of almost all breads, but prefer soft loaves to hard. There is a bakery in town that makes a sweet and flaky soft sourdough loaf that cannot be beat!

  3. Beautiful loaf!

    Favorite type of bread?! I love all loaves equally :) I do, however, have some extra love for sourdough … Gonna attempt to make my own sourdough starter!

    Have a great rest of the week!