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radiant run + butternut squash soup

I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner! One positive about running in dark dreary December mornings: daily holiday lights tours.1210150606Anthony and I covered five foggy miles today. The weather has been so weird this week! Warm yet frosty.1210150621Just Anthony being his silhouette self.1210150622And here’s me, looking literally radiant in my beautiful headlamp. Match made in heaven!1210150628Somehow I’ve run almost every day this week so I’m taking tomorrow off! No idea what I will blog about. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s another Cook Smarts creation from this week! Butternut squash soup. With a sinking glob of sour cream :)butternut_squash_soup_fall_salad_DSC0421We are on a serious butternut squash soup kick (and a lifelong butter kick, but that’s another story) so I had to give this recipe a try. butternut_squash_soup_fall_salad_DSC0416It’s got curry and ginger in it — how exotic! Anthony gave his a heavy sprinkle of cayenne, too. Bring the heat.butternut_squash_soup_fall_salad_DSC0415This soup was good, but we liked last week’s BN squash soup better. I have yet another BN squash (yes, I’ve typed “butternut” so many times that I’m turning it into an acronym) recipe to try and am planning on making it next week for comparison :) Because I’m crazy!

The salad, however, was one of the best we’ve ever made. Pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, cashews, baby spinach. Mmmmmmmmaple/balsamic dressing.butternut_squash_soup_fall_salad_DSC0423And before I go, here’s the sliced bread I promised you yesterday! One of my better attempts at a swirl._DSC0442

  • What’s one dish you make again and again?
  • Tell me about your run today!
  • Christmas lights: WHITE OR COLORED?!

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