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10 things that made me smile this week

Hello! I warned you yesterday that today’s post was going to be a random one. Here are ten unrelated things that made me smile this week:

1. New season of Serial!! Who is listening with me? serial_2

2. Instagram husband. Love you Anthony!

3. Merrell’s Ashland Chukka boot. I splurged on these the other week and haven’t taken them off since.Merrell Women's Ashland Chukka Boot Comfy, cute, and so practical — the benefits of a big sturdy boot, scaled down to a stylish size. Or at least I think they’re stylish. Yes? No?
Merrell Women's Ashland Chukka Boot
4.Fates and Furies. Just started reading this and am captured. Lauren Groff is like a poet!

5. Speaking of poetry: ABC is calling Ben H. “the perfect Ben.” And the contestants’ professions are amazing as always. We have everything from “twin” to “cowgirl” to simply “unemployed.” Can’t wait until January 4th.

6. Since this is a running blog and all, I guess I can include something fitness-related. Came across this post from Laura of Mommy, Run Fast! and found it quite informative. If you’ve ever wondered about metabolic efficiency/workout intensity, it’s a good summary on how they all work together to make you a stronger runner. 

7. Black Friday special: Common retail questions answered with deeper questions. Because I truly believe that shopping has the answers to life’s mysteries.IMG_54478. The 2015 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog. I wanted to grab a quote from the article to include in this post, but there are so many expletives that I couldn’t find a clean one. So, read at your own risk :)

9. Speaking of Williams-Sonoma, its founder Charles E. Williams actually passed away the other day. I heard this short spot from NPR on him — what a cool guy.


10. Broccoli cashew chicken. This meal got rave reviews from Cook Smarts members this week. I stuck to the recipe but added in some spinach and extra spice. So good!broccoli cashew chickenPlus you cook it all up in a wok. One-pot meal for the win.

Christmas napkins and chopsticks? Why not.broccoli cashew chickenOff to finish up the work week and get a new haircut!

  • Above-the-chin short hair: yay or nay? I’m debating how much to chop off…
  • What’s your favorite TV show/book/movie of late?
  • Ben H.: Keeper? Loser?

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