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weekend treats + ten miles

Hi there! Happy Hanukkah!_DSC0485Over the weekend we headed to Tracee and Tony’s house for our second annual Hanukkah feast. So kind of them to invite us over to celebrate. _DSC0492Just like last year, Tracee made an awesome spread of Jewish eats. I’ve been craving those meatballs since December 2014!_DSC0491I was responsible for the noodle kugel and was nervous to make it! There are so many variations and opinions on kugel that can be intimidating to a kugel rookie such as myself.

In stressful culinary scenarios, I always turn to Cook Illustrated or Ina Garten. This time I went with Ina’s recipe — though I admit I “lightened” it up by subbing out the recommended FOUR CUPS of half and half with whole milk instead. Really, Ina? Four cups of half and half? Even to dairy-lovers like me, that seems a bit intense. _DSC0488The kugel turned out well! Tony has been eating kugel his whole life and said my first try was a success. Phew :) For dessert: homemade donuts! Tracee, you outdid yourself. _DSC0497Other weekend treats: A glass of rose (that’s for you, Lizzie!) at East Nashville’s new Bar Luca. Nashville folk: be sure to try out this new spot! It’s just what our neighborhood needed.
Since I’ve already showed you donuts and wine, why not move right along to steak? Cook Smart’s steak with miso-lime butter is one of their most popular recipes so I wanted to give it a try. miso butter filet steak with bok choyThat’s a mix of cauliflower “rice” and regular brown rice. Now that I have a food processor, my cauliflower rice was a lot easier (and better) than it was when I attempted it in 2012 during my two-day paleo diet failmiso butter filet steak with bok choyBok choy on the side. Yum!miso butter filet steak with bok choyBelieve it or not, we did a few other things outside of eating and drinking all weekend. Outside, indeed!1212150833 It was in the mid-60s all weekend which meant I went running in SHORTS. I don’t know what is going on with the weather these days.1212150818dAnthony and I did our usual ten-mile loop on Saturday at a nice easy pace. Stopped to take a photo together and then he found a bug on my face.1212150837aTake two. Side note: I chopped my hair so short on Friday that it doesn’t fit into a ponytail anymore! 😮1212150837cTen miles, done. Perfect long run length “in my opinion” (thanks, Judge Lessner).1212150918Other weekend exercise: a mad dash through Opry Mills mall. We had to swing by to return a few items and were hit by the holiday craze. How is Christmas only 11 days away?!

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • Most trusted recipe source?
  • Tips for how to style super short hair for running? Right now I’m doing bobby pins.

One thought on “weekend treats + ten miles

  1. I don’t get the weather either! Yesterday was 7 miles after work in shorts and a tank top……..and I was sweating! I love this weather normally, but I expect it to be cold at Christmas!

    And I have short hair, too. I pull just a bit of it back in a pony at the crown, then do another pony with the tail of the first and the rest of the hair. That plus bobby pins and sometimes my running headband work great!