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I’m especially tired this morning. I guess that’s what happens when you stay up past the wild hour of 10 pm. So let’s start today with tacos. (Though really, as my Instagram people know… cookies actually came first.)_DSC0500I took a look in my freezer the other day there they were: shrimp, black beans, and old tortilla shells speaking straight to my heart. I declared it taco night!shrimp black bean tacosOn the side: A new set of napkins! This time I measured and folded the fabric extra carefully so my seams came out a little straighter. PS — I’m currently using a wobbly TV tray as my sewing table. Any other sewing fanatics out there? Recommendations for a girl seeking a good sturdy craft table?skull napkinsSpeaking of recommendations, every time I post taco photos you guys ask about the taco holders! So. Here they areshrimp black bean tacosAnd why was I up past 10 pm last night? Anthony and I had a special dinner planned.
I mean: Anthony, our waitress, and I had a special dinner planned 😉 We got seated in front of a massive mirror! Going to have to frame this lovely group shot.
Our destination: The Yellow Porch! My parents gave us a gift card to this Berry Hill spot for our anniversary the other month and we decided that Monday night was the perfect time to use it. Side note: Does anyone else prefer dining out on weekdays rather than weekends? I find it much more of a treat to not have to cook after a busy Monday rather than a lazy Sunday. yellow_porch_Nashville_berry_hill_DSC0522Inside, The Yellow Porch is nice and cozy. Love all of the funky art!yellow_porch_Nashville_berry_hill_DSC0523It dropped to a whopping 50 degrees last night so we “warmed up” with soup to start. Tomato basil for me! yellow_porch_Nashville_berry_hill_DSC0525The main event: Cajun-style trout. Served atop creamy grits and topped with a refreshing cucumber relish. Yum.yellow_porch_Nashville_berry_hill_DSC0527Yellow Porch was great! Inviting, cozy, and tucked just outside the city.

Back to the perfect craft table… after I started writing this post I went out for my morning run and found this. Fate?1215150711Anthony joined me for the first 5-ish miles and we spotted some cool animals too. Lots of deer plus this very picturesque bird on the lake. This is what you get to see when you’re out before the world wakes up.1215150642Seven-ish miles, done! I didn’t bother wearing my Garmin today but I did sport my cool new Puma tights1215150635fExtra points because I spent a whole seven minutes stretching after this run. Which means I’m now running seven minutes late. See you tomorrow!

  • Cheap table recommendations? Or should I just go pick up the junk one down the road?
  • Dining out: weekend or weeknights?
  • Do you stretch after your runs?

3 thoughts on “tacos, cookies, sewing, date night, running, street furniture… what else is new.

  1. I missed my morning run today because I stayed up past 10 too! It’s so ridiculous how early I have to get to bed to not feel like a complete disaster in the morning. I’m always in awe that you can get your miles in before work, someday I will get it!

  2. OK, I’m going to have to try the Yellow Porch again. Like I mentioned, we ate there four years ago when we first moved back and it was delicious, but I never think about it with all the awesome places opening up left and right!