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5 things from my morning routine

What’s your usual morning routine? I find morning routines fascinating and love hearing about other people’s. My weekday mornings start just before 5 a.m. and usually involve all of my favorite things: running, baking, and writing. And espresso :)PhotoAYou can read what a “typical” day looks like for me in this post and this post — and I want to hear about what yours looks like in the comments section! Also: Anthony’s “day in the life” post is one of my favorites :) Lastly, here’s another post on tips for becoming a morning person for anyone interested in joining the pre-6 a.m. craze.

With that said, I thought I’d share some of my morning projects of late! All of the following tasks were completed between 5 and 8:30 a.m. when I am at my most craziest and most productive levels.

1. Homemade breadcrumbs! homemade_bread_crumbs_DSC0513I’ve been collecting odd end pieces of homemade bread and drying them out all over the house for the past few weeks until they were niiiiiice and stale. On Monday I broke them into hunks toasted them in the oven to make sure they were extra dry.homemade_bread_crumbs_DSC0511Into the food processor they went! Whirled around for a few minutes and boom: breadcrumbs.homemade_bread_crumbs_DSC0512I let my crumbs sit out for another day just to make sure there was zero moisture in them (to prevent mold). homemade_bread_crumbs_DSC0516I haven’t cooked with them yet but will keep you posted! Apparently homemade breadcrumbs are supposed to be way better than store-bought ones. Might have to add breadcrumbs to my list of things I refuse to buy at the grocery store

2. A modeling session! Firmoo sent me a pair of their prescription eyeglasses. Since I typically arrive home from work when it’s dark outside (not good for photos), I asked my professional assistant photographer (aka Anthony) to schedule in a morning photo shoot on Tuesday when the sun was out. I even pulled my hair out of a sweaty ponytail for the occasion. Actually, my hair doesn’t even fit into a ponytail anymore but that’s another story. firmoo ladies' women's glasses blackLove these frames! Firmoo is super affordable, so if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses but don’t have hundreds of dollars on hand, I’d recommend them. I just filled out my prescription form on their website and got my pair within a week or two. Easy!firmoo ladies' women's glasses blackSince I already have a funky pair of purple eyeglasses, I decided to go for a classic black-and-white pair. I have a strangely small head so I also made sure I ordered a pair with a small total width. I found it helpful to measure my existing pair of glasses for an idea of size. Thanks for the new glasses, Firmoo!firmoo ladies' women's glasses black3. A workout! I usually find time to squeeze in a run or gym session in the mornings. Today Anthony and I went to the gym where I did about 20 minutes on the stair master followed by a 21-minute Nike Training Club workout. Love their routines — especially the celebrity training ones that make me feel like a rockstar. Today I did “summer strong” with Alie Krieger.
This workout was good because it had lots of legs and core work. The single-leg squat is probably in my top three injury prevention exercises. Runners gotta keep those glutes strong!1217150700-ANIMATION4. Bake a cake! Tonight we’re hosting a party for my office and I’m in charge of dessert. When it comes to cakes I don’t joke around — so I’m going all out with a double chocolate layer cake from Cook’s Illustrated. _DSC0551I made sure to get out the butter and eggs last night so that they’d be at room temp first thing this morning. At 5 a.m. I started whipping butter, eggs, and flour like a mad woman._DSC0547Our kitchen is usually a disaster between 5 and 8 a.m. Here’s a shot of our counter before I even started packing lunches! 😮_DSC0544I’m usually all about licking the spatula (right before I put it in the sink to wash it!) but I just couldn’t do chocolate cake batter for breakfast today. Any other batter eaters out there? #NoShame_DSC0547I filled the cake pans with batter before we left for the gym…_DSC0558 and then baked them while I got ready and typed up this blog post! Now they’re cooling off, and I’ll frost them when I get home from work. Phew! Quite a production, but I hope it’s worth it. _DSC0560And that’s it, friends! #5 in my morning routine lineup is writing blog posts, but you already knew that one :)

  • What are some things you sneak into your morning routine? (I also pack lunches and listen to podcasts while I get ready)
  • What things do you accomplish at night (I do absolutely zero)
  • Have you always been a morning person or did you have to “train” yourself to become one? (I’ve always been one)

12 thoughts on “5 things from my morning routine

  1. 5am – awake. Try not to wake up my wife and kids as our wood floors are super creaky.
    5-5:30 – tool around on phone, catch up on relevant social media/news/reply to some emails if necessary for work.
    5:30 – 5:45 – Open crunchy peanut butter + graham crackers. Eat 2 squares + generous helping of crunchy peanut butter. Consume 8-10oz of water.
    5:45-6 – brush teeth. change into either outdoor running clothes or gym clothes.
    6-7:15 – Run anywhere from 5-10 miles depending on schedule/what I feel like.
    7:15-7:30 – return home. wife and kids wake up, clean cat litter, make everyones beds because I’m the neat freak. Eat the leftovers my kids leave behind during breakfast.
    7:30- 8 – Shower, get ready for the work day.
    8-8:10 – Drive my oldest to school (3rd grade)
    8:10 – 8:25 – commute to work.
    8:25-8:30 – arrive at work, make coffee, sit down at desk. Start work!

    • love that your morning routine involves cat litter! haha. very impressive amount of achievement in such a short amount of time!

  2. I am not a morning person! I get up at 7 and get dressed (I shower at night to let me sleep in more!). I eat a quick breakfast and the husband and I leave at 7:45……we walk to work and live 3 blocks away!

    I only get up to run in the AM when we are on vacation……..usually my runs are done after work or on my lunch break.

  3. This is so impressive! I was always proud of myself for simply running before work … But baking a cake too?! Nice work!

    Now that I’m enjoying funemployment for the next month … I don’t even get up until 8:30am :)

  4. Urr…. I usually don’t sneak anything into my morning routine, unless you count early morning runs and catching up on blogs or eBooks on the train. I actually do a lot of my baking at night to destress, since my morning routine is jammed as it is and my work starts at an ungodly hour. I used to be neutral about mornings, but since I joined XC a few years ago, I turned into a diehard morning person! Love those early morning runs!

    4:45 AM-Wake up and stumble around/hit the snooze button. So dark outside. So cold.
    5:00 AM-Wake up for real, throw on running clothes or gym clothes
    5:15 AM-Out the door to run! Or the gym.
    6:15 AM-Back, throw on work clothes, grab breakfast + lunch + snacks from fridge
    6:30 AM-Out the door!
    6:45 AM-Arrive at train station
    6:50 AM-On my way to work
    7:30 AM-Arrive at work and sit my butt down for a 10-hour day

    • that’s intense!!! i am lucky to spend 30-50 minutes “warming up” and waking up before i actually have to go outside to run. waking up and going straight out the door takes serious effort. go you!

  5. I so wish i was a morning person, i sometimes get up early and when I do I am always so proud of myself. Most days though, i get up at 7am, rush to get dressed and out the door – i eat breakfast at my desk at work. perhaps 2016 is the year i start a new habit.