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double layer chocolate cake + the speediest way to run an errand

Hello, and happy Friday! Even though it’s cold and grey I’m still happy ’cause it’s the weekend.1218150710Short little run today. Anthony and I actually “slept in” until 6 a.m. (ironic, given yesterday’s blog post!) so I didn’t have quite as much time to accomplish many things.1218150722However, I did manage to knock one item off my to-do list: buy a bunch of birthday and Christmas cards! I made a quick stop at Kroger and ran home with season’s greetings. Got a few funny looks in the aisles but what else is new. Speediest way to run errands is to literally run them.1218150737I had to run extra fast today so that I could get home and type up this post for you lovely people.1218150744So, why did I oversleep? Because Anthony and I were busy eating double layer chocolate cake until midnight. I finally pulled this recipe after kind of botching it when I first attempted it almost a year ago! Victory!!_DSC0563In addition to cake, we served up a feast of apps, meatballs, crumbed chicken, grilled veggies, and other yummy dishes at the party we hosted for my coworkers and guests last night. I can’t take credit for the food, though — luckily we had some caterers come to the rescue :)_DSC0566I led a game of holiday trivia and managed to stump a few of the guests. Without opening a new Google tab, can you guess the answer to this question: What country did the poinsettia originate?! (answer is below this picture so stop scrolling while you think)_DSC0567Mexico! Yep, reading this blog makes you smarter every single day. Have a great weekend!

  • Cake: Chocolate or vanilla?!!!!!
  • Do you ever literally run errands?
  • Most ambitious party you’ve ever hosted?

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