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Nashville –> Brisbane

One last tour of Nashville before we leave for Australia!1222150638a-001I must have been feeling extra proud of my city today because I stopped to take lots of photos on the run. It’s a weirdly warm, humid morning — but the stormy skies look pretty cool.1222150631-0011222150636-001I also love Broadway Street on a rainy day. Worth the climb back out of the city just to see these colors.1222150641-001In other news, did you know that today is the shortest day of the year? And on top of that, Anthony and I won’t even witness Wednesday since we’re flying to the other side of the world. I try not to ponder time and space too much, but when you’re running in silence for 57 minutes straight, these thoughts tend to float around 😉1222150638b-001One final stop at the iconic Nashville mural for good luck. See you in 2016, Music City. 1222150656-002Anthony and I are getting ready for lots of airplane food (blergh) so we made sure to fill up on one last home-cooked meal before we left! And since we had half a bottle of wine left over from the weekend, we had to finish that, too…citrus_salmon_cous_cous_DSC0608Anthony gets all the credit for this meal. All I did was chop a pepper while he handled the rest! Salmon and a couscous/arugula salad with a citrus-y sauce. We got the recipe from Cook Smarts and though it wasn’t our favorite, we still liked trying the new flavor combo. citrus_salmon_cous_cous__DSC0613And we’re looking forward to so much good food in Australia! Anthony’s mom is an awesome cook and master of desserts. Here’s a sneak peek of the cake she made last time we were there:_DSC0662
And I can’t wait to go on some good runs! Brisbane is insanely hilly, but the river area downtown is lovely and flat.DSC02817-001
And just because. Here’s me feeding a Kangaroo._DSC0676
See you from down under!

  • Longest flight you’ve ever been on? (LA to Brisbane is 13 but the longest I’ve been on is Atlanta to Cape Town. 16 hours!)
  • Ever fed a kangaroo?!
  • Nashvillians: What’s your favorite city mural?

3 thoughts on “Nashville –> Brisbane

  1. I hate flying! I get nervous every time. Atlanta to LA was the longest for me.

    I would love to feed a kangaroo! And I am not from Nashville but I love it, and I would love to see that mural in person next time I am there! Have fun and be on the lookout for Keith Urban!

  2. I have fed a Kangaroo! It was cool!

    The longest flight I’ve done was LAX to Brisbane as well. Such a long flight! The way there I lucked out and had two seats to myself – lots of room. Plus, it was 2am Toronto time by the time I got on the plane so I actually slept.

    The way back – no such luck with seats and I was squished next to a couple travelling with their kids – they had lots to drink. The flight was 11am Brisbane time and I didn’t sleep at all. It was fun though!

    • i think i was on the same flight back! i also stayed up pretty much the whole time, but not because of a noisy family — because i was completely engrossed in a book. haha. next time i wish you better luck!