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hi from brisbane!

Hello and merry Christmas from down under!1223151621Anthony and I began our journey on Tuesday night landed in Brisbane 26 hours later — on the morning of Christmas eve. Wednesday never even happened for us!

Our first order of business when we landed: a run.1223151556bWe were super jet lagged but thought some fresh air and exercise might help stretch out our legs and get our brains in the right time zone. BTW the Brisbane hills are no joke. These inclines combined with heat and jet lag might have slowed us down just a tad…1224151324Despite our slow pace, this was a fantastic run because this lovely collection of street furniture was waiting for me within the first mile. Brisbane must have known I was coming.1223151557Other than our morning runs, most of our time here has been spent hanging out with Anthony’s fam. Including this cute bunch!
Anthony’s mom and sister have cooked up a series of feasts over the past two days, too. We are in the full swing of summer here — so many fresh fruits and veggies!_DSC0627Other fun Australian sights: a number of colorful, chatty birds. These cockatoos were just chilling on the side of the road during our run yesterday. 1224151312cStill haven’t spotted a kangaroo or brush turkey, but I’ll keep an eye out for you guys :)

For Christmas yesterday, we headed over to my sister-in-law’s place for games and presents. It’s so warm here that we even went swimming during the day. #AustralianChristmas
And today we went for a warm summer run!1225151229The paths and bike ways around downtown Brisbane are awesome — so wide and organized! I love running down by the river whenever we visit.1225151235Anthony and I started our run at 6 a.m. and made it a couple of miles before hitting the main path. Then we wove up and around the bridge…1225151236aAnd back along the water one more time. The sun was coming on strong by 7 a.m. or so — next time we need to leave earlier!1225151251We ended up covering a little over nine miles. Finally feeling a little back to normal here in our new time zone.

Speaking of time — we’re running short on it! Off to dinner and scheduling this post to publish when my US readers are eating breakfast :)

  • Have you ever traveled to Australia? (this is my third trip!)
  • On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you get jet lag? (I’m probably a 4 — I can sleep anywhere anytime)
  • Did you have a summery Christmas?! I hear it is 60-70 degrees in the south & east coast

6 thoughts on “hi from brisbane!

  1. I would love to go to Australia!
    And Chattanooga was 73 degrees yesterday and poured rain pretty much from Christmas eve until early this morning…….so much rain and thunder and lightning! Chance of rain today and then again Monday. The river is already too high, and this kind of rain usually only comes during the spring…………nutty!

  2. PS………are/were you ever nervous about snakes or spiders when going to Australia? That kind of makes me a bit nervous because of the venomous critters………

  3. Welcome to my town (not that I am even there at the moment)! It’s fun seeing the place you live from a visitor’s perspective. We are very lucky to have such great infrastructure for runners / cyclists &’street furniture is a given any day of the week. Have a great visit!!