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So many photos! Where to start? How about pizza._DSC0635Anthony’s aunt (or “auntie,” as they would say here) and uncle have a flaming pizza oven and threw a big old party for the family on Saturday night. I smiled extra big because there was even a pizza with anchovies :)_DSC0682Other amazing cooking appliances that we’ve enjoyed over the weekend: the pasta machine! _DSC0698We spent an afternoon making the perfect noodles with Anthony’s parents:_DSC0699Plus fresh pesto with basil from my mother-in-law’s garden. Yum._DSC0714I was in charge of the roasted veggies! I don’t know what temperature I cooked them at since we are in Celsius land, but somehow it all worked 😉 (Side note: tomorrow my mother-in-law and I are going to attempt to sew a table runner together and I’ll have to measure it all up in metrics — yikes!)_DSC0710Table set and a Christmas tree still sparkling in the background. Plus an amazing cheese grater wheel on the table. I need one of those! We have an old school grater and I’ve sacrificed way too much of my fingers to it._DSC0717On the fitness front, we’ve been staying busy! Yesterday we went on a “bush walk” atop Mt.Nebo. 1225151648cThe Australian forest was full of critters — the cicadas were so loud at some points that you even had to cover your ears! And then THIS:1225151624My mom- and dad-in-law are both entomologists so they know all about the plants and animals. Personal tour guides!
Here’s the view from the top:1225151613On the running front, Anthony and I have been lacing up every day so far — though I can’t say we’re too speedy! Even when we get out before 7 a.m., the humidity wins. 1227151300We’ve tacked on some boot camp-style workouts the past few days with our nephew, too.12271513131227151313cFun fact: Anthony used to be a personal trainer. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to proper fitness technique.1226151647And we don’t mess around when it comes to vacation. Off to enjoy another warm summer night!

  • Are you afraid of bugs/critters?
  • Favorite kitchen gadget?
  • Do you usually go for runs when traveling?

4 thoughts on “food & fitness adventures, aussie-style

  1. 1) I dislike bugs/critters, but I’m not scared by them.
    2) Favorite kitchen gadget is my butcher’s knife! It does everything, from chopping to tenderizing meat to smashing garlic cloves.
    3) I do run when I travel, but I make an effort not to look at my watch, since my pace slows to a 10:00 min/mile crawl in humidity. :/