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Hello! We have just a couple short days left here in Brisbane and I’m popping in to share some of our latest adventures. Starting with the beach!_DSC0721I’ve never been to the shoreline just north of Brisbane so the other day Anthony’s family and I took on a very Aussie tradition: fish and chips at the beach!_DSC0735We didn’t want our chips to blow away in the strong beach winds so we ended up lunching at a nearby park instead :) Here’s the group, minus the American behind the camera…_DSC0741As my Instagram followers know, Anthony and I have also been fitting in some runs, hikes, and workouts. And I’ve been able to perfect my tan 😉1229151417aSo green! I wonder what it will be like to come home to winter in Nashville. Eesh.1229151427The hills and heat of Brisbane have been a challenge, but the biggest obstacle that I’ve taken on in the past few days was a massive sewing project. My mother-in-law is a pro sewer and I asked her to show me the ropes thread.1228152308cNow that I’ve sewed a few napkins I wanted to step up my game and make a table runner. But not just any table runner: A block colored, double-sided, nine-foot-long table runner! With fancy edging. _DSC0750The project took up a large handful of our time and was the true test of patience and teamwork. And math (in metrics!).sewingBut, we did it! And I learned a LOT about sewing along the way. Mission accomplished.1230152158I can’t wait to lay this baby out on our table when we get home! It’ll add a nice pop of color to all of those dinner photos :)

Speaking of dinner, here’s one of our latest:_DSC0745Wine and cheese are the base of my vacation food pyramid. Plus homemade bread!_DSC0746This meal was perfect fuel for an outdoor adventure the next day. We drove about an hour north to hike the Glasshouse Mountains with some friends!1230151332aThe Tibrogargan route was beautiful…1230151351but also extremely STEEP. This wasn’t even the hardest incline we faced:1230151355bAlthough I’m always up for an adventure, the terrain on this route got so tough and dangerous that we decided the chance of death was too high to continue. We turned around and chose a friendlier route instead :)1230151405aMountain man.1230151352A few steps, turns, and skips and we made it to the top of the mountain. Conquerors! 1230151522And that’s it for now! Off to enjoy my first run of 2016. Happy new year!

  • Have you ever feared for your life on a run/hike?
  • If you could redesign the food pyramid, what would you put on the bottom?
  • Do you have a table runner? What does it look like? I’m already searching for inspiration for my next one…