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Look at those skies!1231151708It’s been especially hot and sunny here the past few days — we’ve had to slap on sunscreen even for 30-minute runs! Yesterday Anthony and I covered four hilly miles together.1231151723The collection of street furniture I spotted on Day 1 has grown! Maybe we should just cancel our flights home and stay here on these mattresses instead.1231151659We had a serious runner join us for a few laps 😉1231151646cGood run! Today we are hitting the trails for one last jog and then that’ll be it for my ten-day Brisbane running tour.

On the food front, the past two days have been especially delicious. Starting with this epic lunch:
After our hike on Thursday, our friend’s mom cooked up a feast at the most beautiful vacation home in the mountains. OMG the view.1230151628And last night, Anthony’s parents whipped up a Sicilian specialty — polpette in foglia di limone, “meatballs in lemon leaves.” The recipe was handed down from Anthony’s Italian grandma, which made the whole dish extra special.  Here’s a similar recipe!_DSC0761We served the meatballs with broccoli and roasted potatoes. Yum!_DSC0766For dessert we made another family favorite — nut roll! My grandma used to make this all the time and my mom finally wrote down the top-secret recipe 😉_DSC0765The bread/dough is only slightly sweet and the nut mixture inside is simple — just walnuts, butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla. We put an Australian twist on my grandma’s recipe by subbing in some macadamia nuts._DSC0773The family traditions continued through 9 pm (yes, we are finally un-jet lagged after 10 days) with a few rounds of briscola. _DSC0775And that’s it! Off to enjoy our last day here. I’ll probably see you from Nashville next!

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  1. You were so lucky with the weather, I can’t believe how mild it’s been this Christmas in Brisbane. Safe travels home.