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Brisbane –> Nashville

We’re back! Made it through 24 hours of flying, waiting, security-lining, and not much sleeping. Usually I pass out on planes but I couldn’t sleep until I finished Fates and Furies! I’m naming this one of the best books I read in 2015. Or 2016?

We finally made it back to Nashville yesterday around 4 pm and had the luxury of a parent pickup at the airport. And my mom gave us a Tupperware full of her fabulous homemade soup which was a huge help since we have an empty fridge. Meals and transport on both ends of this trip were top-notch! Thanks, family!_DSC0776Our dinner party of two felt so small. Luckily bacon cures homesickness, jet lag, and exhaustion. Let’s hope it also gives us magical endurance to make it through a full work day today 😉_DSC0779But before we get back to Nashville life I have a few more random notes from our Brisbane trip!

Starting with a bush turkey. I was fascinated with these wild turkeys last time we visited Australia and was relieved when I finally spotted TWO turkeys on our very last day! One in a park:IMG_20160102_141615and one out on the road. Go turkey!IMG_20160102_114208In other wildlife sightings, here’s one of many lizards seen down under. Anthony and I had a coffee date at a place that the legit rainforest cafe. This lizard just hung out while we sipped our lattes. I wasn’t scared at all…IMG_20160102_135000and here’s our last run!0101161354Anthony planned a special trail running adventure for me to get those hamstrings nice and sore before the plane ride :). A journey up to the top of Brisbane’s Mt. Coot-tha!0101161355The climb up was pretty steep but the views at the top were worth it.0101161358bUs and the blazing hot sun:0101161358aThe way down was steep, too! We ran all the way back to Anthony’s house and covered about six miles in total.0101161402Through a park with an awesome orange tree. It had a green top, too! Like an Oompa Loompa in tree form.0101161413bAnd now it’s time for the last three completely random photos from our trip!

First, the Queensland Dept. of Transportation office, aka the Australian DMV. We renewed Anthony’s driver’s license in under ten minutes and it was such a pleasant, clean, and organized experience. No shouting, lines, or weird smells. What?!!!!1223151844Second, the Australian grocery store. Where you can do your weekly shopping barefoot in your “togs.” 1231152047Third, my Australian husband! I never thought I would visit Australia but I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to go three times in the past five years. I’m still not ready to pick up a gecko with my bare hands or go shopping in my bare feet, but I feel a little more Australian with each visit we make :)
Looking forward to our next trip (once I get over the jet lag from this one!)

  • Did you travel for the holidays?
  • Last creature/insect/reptile that you spotted unexpectedly?
  • Trail running: yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “Brisbane –> Nashville

  1. That DMV is enough to make me want to move, and all the beautiful running you guys got to do! Looks like it was a great trip, welcome back :)