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winter running glove recommendations?

Hello! I’m back with the usual lineup: a run, then food! One is cold and the other is hot. And by cold I mean 22 degrees! Ack. That’s 65 degrees colder than my run three days ago…0105160631Despite the frigid temps, it was still nice to be back outside in Nashville. I headed down to the park for an easy out-and-back route. 0105160653But I had to stop a couple of times to adjust my gloves to keep my fingers from turning into popsicles (even though I was wearing two layers of gloves). Finally I ended up pulling my sleeves extra long and balling up my fist inside of them like a weirdo which seemed to help.

On the plus side, only half of my left thumb was cold because I cut the other half off last night while mincing garlic…0105160743aBut back to the problem at hand (pun intended): Any hardcore running mitten/glove recommendations? I have these and these but neither pair is warm enough (even when paired together into two layers!). Every winter I suffer from cold hands and this year I’m ready to splurge on a nice pair of SUPER warm running mittens. Or gloves, though I’ve found that mittens are usually warmer than gloves.

Also ready to splurge on a new TV so that I can watch the new Bachelor season in super size! Good thing I found this free one on the side of the road this morning. (Did anyone watch the premier last night btw?)0105160718Solid run! 0105160719aMoving right along to hot food — here’s our spicy dinner from last night! cajun_salmon__DSC0790After two weeks off, we’re back on the Cook Smarts bandwagon. It was so nice to come home from vacation with a healthy meal plan and grocery list ready to go. First on the menu: Cajun salmon with rice, greens, and beans!cajun_salmon__DSC0784Ever since we stepped off the plane on Sunday afternoon, Anthony and I have been so thirsty! Double waters last night. Not sure if it’s the airplane air or our addiction to hot sauce. cajun_salmon_DSC0782This meal was a keeper! I marked it as a favorite so I’m sure you’ll see it again soon.cajun_salmon__DSC0786Off to work! Taking a hot cup of tea for the road and turning up my heated seat.

  • Running glove/mitten recommendations? I need something hardcore because I am a real wimp about cold hands.
  • Bachelor nation: How was the premier?! We are going to catch it on Hulu tonight!
  • Favorite brand of hot sauce? Anthony is hooked on the Tabasco habanero.

12 thoughts on “winter running glove recommendations?

  1. I can’t wait to hear the recommendations myself. I have the same issue with cold hands and I have tried 4 different pairs of gloves and a variety of layering of those gloves.

  2. I haven’t watched the premiere yet, I’m saving it for my long run this weekend. The downside to that, I’ve already read the recaps and know what happens. It looks like a good season and Ben just seems so nice! No glove recommendations, I still haven’t found the perfect ones yet either. I do hear really good things about Mountain Hardwear gloves though!

  3. Manzella gloves are pretty toasty. We’ve been around 10-20 with 15 mph winds for the past few weeks and they have been holding strong. When it gets colder, I like my Saucony mittens (insulated and windproof) plus some HotHands for a nice cozy long run.

    • Just bought the Manzella hatchbacks! Thanks for the recommendation. Will do a followup review next week! :)

  4. My Reynaud’s and I survived last winter with Mizuno Breath Thermo gloves topped with a Sugio Wind Mitt. That Sugoi Wind Mitt is the best deal ever too. For 20s/30s, the Saucony Ulti Mitt gets me through. I live in Ohio and run year-round as long as it’s above 0 degrees.

    • Man. That is hardcore! I just ordered some Manzellas but will keep these on my radar if those don’t work out.

  5. Saucony ulta mitt or Nathan ranger which are mittens you can then pull back as gloves, but if it’s super cold I use hand warmers!! I watched the premiere and did a private league with some friends and it makes it more interesting!!

  6. I have never kept a pair of gloves on for an entire run so sometimes I just don’t take them at all. My hands always get hot while I’m running and I have to take them off and stow them! It’s the weirdest.

  7. I have some circa-2005 gloves from LL Bean. They are kinda bulky, but once you warm up the gloves just get warmer and warmer. Somehow they reflect your body heat right back to you.

    My question is: How do you keep your phone warm? Mind shuts down if I take it out when it is below 20. There MUST be a way!!

    • that IS a good question and unfortunately i don’t have a great answer. my lg g3 stood up pretty strong last winter in 10-15 degree weather but my old iphone 4 couldn’t take anything below 20. one trick that seems to help keep the phones warm — tuck them up your sleeve so that they’re less subject to wind and next to your warm skin! better than in your hand or front pocket i think.