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new year’s resolutions: goals & tips

Do you make new year’s resolutions? I usually don’t set any goals that are too lofty, but I have been thinking a bit about what I’m setting out to do in 2016.P1000271 So far, my list looks like this:

1. Volunteer more. Now that we’ve been in Nashville for almost two years (!!), settled into our house, and made some friends, I think it’s time we give back to the community. We’re looking into ways that we can volunteer through our church or other organizations. Locals: Any charity/volunteer opportunities that you know about?

2. Run less. I don’t know if I should say “run less” or “race less,” but a while back I declared that I’m taking it easy on the running front for a while. I’ve been enjoying just running for fun lately and it’s been kind of freeing in a way to not have any races on the calendar. Training for life!

3. Sew more. I’ve been learning how to sew over the past couple of months and really enjoy it! I don’t think I want to branch into clothing but I’d love to become a master of handmade table linens. Right now I’ve nailed down the basic square napkin and just completed my first table runner. I’d love to get faster and learn some fancier stitches in 2016!

4. Take dance lessons. Anthony and I decided that we want to pick up a new hobby! Dancing sounded fun. Apparently there’s a salsa dancing group that meets up once a week in Nashville — we’re planning on starting next week!


As I was writing down my goals, I thought about some other resolutions that might be on people’s minds. Most of my resolutions are personal/hobby-related, but I know that health/fitness-related goals are pretty popular this time of year, too. I’ve written down some tips for resolutions below. If yours is on the list, I hope the following thoughts help!

1. Train for your first half marathon. I bet a lot of you are already runners (since you read this blog, after all!) but if you’re starting out or looking to increase your distance, now’s the perfect time to start training for a spring half marathon! If you just build up mile by mile, 13.1 will seem easy in a few months. Related posts: Training tips for your first half marathon | Top  5 half marathon hacks_DSC00892. Boost your strength. I consider December – March the “off season” for running and try to focus on strength training more than speed. It’s a nice change from the long summer runs/high mileage and a good way to avoid slipping on ice during the toughest months for running outside! Plus it all pays off on race day — strength and flexibility are just as important as speed and endurance. Take advantage of all the fitness studios’ new year’s specials and try a new workout! Related posts: Top 5 Bosu ball exercises | Strength exercises for runners | TRX for runnersxtend_barre_franklin_tn_1125151824b3. Become a morning person. I think one of the top secrets to success in life is making the mornings as productive as possible. Of course, I suppose those night owl people accomplish things, too — but I’ve never stayed awake long enough to check ;). Related post: 8 ways to become a morning person11101506364. Travel more. Remember when I went on 12+ trips in 2013? That was crazy. I remember one of my goals for 2014 and 2015 was to actually travel less, and I think I made some progress! We’ve still taken a lot of trips recently, though — places as far as Slovenia and Australia, as well as close-to-home trips to Asheville, Chattanooga, and Winchester. Related post: 5 healthy travel tips._DSC03955. Eat out less.  The older I get the more I complain about restaurants being too expensive/loud/dark/busy. Ha. We seem to cook at home more and more every year! I use Cook Smarts to organize all of my meal planning (huge time saver — only $8 a month!). Related posts: How to pack the perfect lunchtime saladFresh bread in a bread machine with less than 30 minutes of worksteak beef and black bean tacos with grilled peppersHere’s to a successful 2016! Share your tips & resolutions in the comments section. Especially salsa dancing tips… anyone?

3 thoughts on “new year’s resolutions: goals & tips

  1. Zumba taught me every salsa move I’ve ever needed to know.
    My second salsa tip is to hit up the Latin Palace as often as possible.
    Dating a morning person while being a night owl myself has resulted in both of us being less productive. Definite goal for 2016 is to figure out a better balance. Another 2016 goal is to visit Nashville and gaze lovingly at your beautiful handmade napkins. I’m going to get on that goal RIGHT NOW.

  2. Salsa dancing is a lot of fun! I reckon you will love it :)

    My goal setting tip is really knowing why you are setting a particular goal, making sure it is important to you and you are not doing it because you think you should or because someone else wants you to do it. And second tip – breaking down the goal into lots of little steps that you can then schedule into your diary and take action on!

    I also wondered Mary, if you have ever thought about writing a blog post about settling into a new place and specifically – meeting new people, making new friends and finding new activities to get involved in. I know I sometimes find this challenging and I reckon other people probably do too.