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cold runs, hot soup

Morning!0107160654aEasy run today. Actually, all of my runs this week have felt easy after the hills and heat of Brisbane! Funny how new places can totally change your perspective on landscape and climate :)0107160658dBreaking news: good condition mattress on 16th street. Sorry the photo is blurry… I took it with my chin because my popsicle fingers wouldn’t work on my smarphone screen.0107160703_Burst05Speaking of gloves — thanks for your glove recommendations the other day! I ordered a pair of Manzellas after deep thought and plenty of research. I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out!

I also realized that the secret to warmth is wind protection during my intense glove Googling. So the past two days I’ve been trying out a three-layer combo: two soft/fuzzy/cloth pairs of gloves topped with a thin plastic-y mitten. Still not perfect, but much better than my two-layer strategy from Tuesday!0106160641Rewind to yesterday: I met up with Katie for our semi-regular Wednesday morning run and ended up covering seven miles. We start extra early, so I don’t spot the sun until mile 6!0106160632And the moon. Which always makes me think of:

“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon?” Why, yes, George!0106160636After all of these chilly run recaps, it’s time to warm up with a bowl of hot soup!_DSC0796Anthony’s birthday was yesterday! We celebrated with our favorite food at one of our favorite Nashville restaurants. Anthony was just a little bit excited.
Yum. Brings back memories of our trip to Vietnam — which I can’t believe was more than two years ago! Time flies when you’re having pho-n._DSC0796Tomorrow = Friday! :) :) :)

  • Favorite exotic food?
  • Bachelor nation: Thoughts on Lace? Isn’t she the worst?
  • How many layers of clothes did you wear on your run today?!

2 thoughts on “cold runs, hot soup

  1. My exotic food isnt very exotic at all……..I like Mexican food! Ha! I do really like Japanese candy though. I had a Japanese roomate in college and she introduced me to Pocky and some other yogurt candy chews. No run yet today, scratchy throat. I am going to stick to the treadmill tonight to avoid the cold air on my throat.