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you know you’re a runner if…

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? My schedule includes a belated Christmas celebration with my family (since we were in Australia during the actual holiday), and a happy hour with friends tonight. I’m also hoping to fit in some cooking, sewing, and bread making! I just ate the last slice of this flax seed loaf and it was so good:homemade_flax_bread__DSC0599No other real news other than we survived our first week back from the other side of the world! Coming off a 24-hour travel adventure and starting work bright and early the next morning was rough, but I think both Anthony and I are finally over jet lag and back on track :) BTW I don’t think I shared this lesson I learned on our trip: the trick to staying awake at 3 a.m. in an airport is to literally hold your eyelids open. 1222152103Now that I’ve spent a few hundred words rambling about bread and sleep deprivation, let’s get to the topic this blog is supposed to actually be about? Running!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I was laying in bed wondering what the heck I was going to write about today and then I searched my soul and came up with the following list. 

You Know You’re a Runner If:

1. Instead of asking your friends, “What are you doing this weekend?” you ask, “How many miles do you have this weekend?”0926150839

2. You eat anything in sight after a long run but are very picky when it comes to Gu flavors.IMG_5184

3. You frequently use the following acronyms: PR, PB, PDR, DNF, DNS, LR, BQ.4-20130907_084250

4. You experience the following extreme emotions: runner’s high, rungry, rangry. (this photo is from when I was rungry and experiencing runner’s high at the same time…)DSC01391

5. You have no shame when it comes to doing strange things like running backwards, skipping, and shuffling sideways.0528150641e

 6. You will break the school rules to access a nice flat track. 0528150642c

7. You finish a really long flight/day at work/car ride/tough talk and immediately need to go for a run.0829150710b

8. You spend more on running clothes than you do on regular clothes.IMG_5447

9. You’re missing at least one toenail. (I’ll spare you a photo of this one)

10. Other people think you’re crazy but you don’t care :)pacers_jingle_8k_dc_3-photo_1

Okay, I have more but I’m stopping at ten for now. Tell me more in the comments!

3 thoughts on “you know you’re a runner if…

  1. LOVE THESE! Esp the GU one, that is so true! a few more…

    -you plan when you eat so you have time to let your food digest before a run
    -you complain about paying $4 for milk (or whatever) but get excited to pay $100 or more to run a race
    -the fact that you actually pay to run (esp on routes you run for free daily!)
    and this last one was me a few months ago…….you know you’re a runner when you put your wedding dress on again to take photos but you tell the photographer not to take any of your back because of your glorious white x of a sports bra tan!

    Happy weekend!

  2. 1) Your weekends must fit around your long run! What is this thing called rolling out of bed at 10 AM?
    2) You are such a cheapskate on regular shoes but are willing to drop $100+ for running shoes.
    3) In my case: When you get injured, you pester your physical therapist asking how long it’ll be until you can run again. He/she gets so annoyed by your questions and impressed by your adherence to rehab that they grudgingly let you run, but have to restrain you with a leash. 😛