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freezing runs, fresh bread {weekend recap}

A few snapshots from the weekend! Starting with a run, ending with bread. My favorite combination :)0109160739bOn Saturday I headed out for my longer run while it was still above freezing! The sky was gloomy but I wasn’t.0109160739I made my way across Demonbreun street and dropped by the naked statue to say hello.0109160750Back down Broadway, which was hoppin’ at 7 am 😉0109160800This was my first long-ish run in a few weeks! I felt strong on this run and it was totally uneventful in a good way.0109160834Sunday morning brought a bit of sleet and 25-degree temps, but Katie and I were crazy enough to go outside anyways.0110160746 We covered six miles together and didn’t see a single a single other soul. Streets to ourselves! 0110160740Truth:0110160700As for today, it’s 15 degrees outside and I’m about to head to the gym. Usually I’d much rather be outside running but no complaints this morning :)

Abs are great but have you tried enchiladas?_DSC0829I was swamped with admin work/chores/random tasks all weekend so Anthony was in charge of dinner. These chicken enchiladas were darn good. But then again, is it even possible for an enchilada not to be good? I don’t recall ever eating an enchilada I didn’t like._DSC0832My contribution to dinner: a fancy table runner! I sewed this with my mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago and decided last night was time for its debut. What do you think?_DSC0826And the other big news of the weekend: I tried out a new bread recipe! Figs, flax seed, and walnuts. Probably one of my best loaves yet :)homemade bread - fig, flax, walnut whole wheatI’ll share the full recipe tomorrow! Have a great start to your week!

  • How cold/snowy/icy was your weekend run?
  • Favorite type of bread?
  • Table runner ideas/inspiration? I’m ready to start a new project…