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old route, new restaurant

First things first: Are you guys having issues leaving comments? If so, let me know on Instagram or Twitter. Also, it appears as if all of the pages on the left-hand side are broken :( :( :( I think my blog might have a bug!

Other than my technology struggles, today is off to a good start.0114160702aAnthony and I headed outside right about when the sun came up! As we approach the end of the week I’m feeling a bit tired — every day this week has been a serious struggle to get out of bed. Luckily I’ve been a morning runner for many years now so my body basically runs on autopilot from 4:45 am to 8:30 am. I don’t even remember taking this photo.0114160640aWe covered five miles — pretty much the same run I did yesterday! I do enjoy making up a fresh route every now and then, but I usually rotate through about five old favorites of 3-7 mile loops around East Nashville. That’s when you really know you’re finally settled in a city — when you have a handful of go-to run routes memorized down to the tenth of a mile.0114160635Even though I’ve run almost every street in East Nashville/Downtown, I still haven’t even come close to trying all of the restaurants in this city. But, last night I was able to check one off of the list: Avo! I met Katie and Lizzie there for a girls’ night.avo nashvilleLet me start by saying that I really wanted to like this restaurant. I’m on board with its vegetarian/healthy concept and the interior is so cozy! When I walked in I could tell everything was fresh — I was hit with a strong and beautiful scent of all different herbs at once.avo nashvilleWe started with the kimchi spring rolls, which were really good. I could have just ordered an entire bowl of the creamy cashew dipping sauce…avo nashvilleI knew that Avo was into veggies when we decided to go there, but I didn’t realize how dedicated this place is to its greens. Its menu is fully vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based — nothing is heated above 118 degrees. Those are some strict rules to cook (or should I say, not cook?) by!

Anyways, when our main dishes came out (wrapless wrap for Lizzie and me; noodle-less pad Thai for Katie) we kind of hit our vegetable max. I do love veggies, but I also believe in the rest of the food pyramid. I might have needed to eat a small bowl of chicken noodle soup (heavy on the meat and carbs) when I got home. Oops? avo nashvilleAnyways, I suppose I can’t beat up on Avo for being committed to their cause. If I go again, I’ll just have to pack a turkey sandwich in my purse to eat on the side :) Still glad I tried out this spot, though!

I’d leave you guys with three questions, but I don’t think there’s a way for you to answer them. Time to bust out my very basic CSS/HTML skills and see if I can get this blog thing working again.

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