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It’s a gloomy, soggy morning in Nashville — but it’s still Friday :) And I’ve hardly shared any of our kitchen adventures from this week!_DSC0826 We lined up four different Cook Smarts meals starting on Sunday, and that’s gotten us through all of our dinners and lunches for the week, including tonight. Love that I can count on this program to get us fed and happy for five days straight!

I’ll have to do a full review of Cook Smarts sometime — it’s been a life-changing experience. (And no, I’m not sponsored/endorsed by Cook Smarts, I’m just 100% crazy.)
Sunday – Monday: enchiladas. These were even better then next day!_DSC0832Monday – Tuesday: Chicken curry noodle soup. I used the shredded chicken from my stock experiment.chicken_curry_soup_DSC0849This dish was a keeper. We used soba noodles (instead of rice noodles) for some staying power — chopsticks necessary!chicken_curry_soup__DSC0853Wednesday-Thursday: Kale and sweet potato frittata. This dish wasn’t our favorite, but it was perfect to pack for lunches (soup can get pretty messy).kale_sweet_potato_frittata_DSC0865and Thursday-Friday: spiced shrimp and beans! Couscous and a citrus salad on the side._DSC0879_DSC0878Last highlight of the week: our first salsa lesson! I can officially do a two-step twirl.IMG_20160114_183502Also, I seemed to have fixed the comments issue yesterday! So, talk to me in the comments section so I know you’re there :). The pages issue is still ongoing but I’m hoping we can fix that one today. Thanks for your patience!

  • Have you ever taken dance lessons?
  • How do you meal plan for the week?
  • Leftovers for lunch: yay or nay?

3 thoughts on “this week’s eats

  1. I took dance from age 2 to about 9, but now I can’t do much!
    I plan out our dinners, but sometimes we don’t get to eat dinner together so we have to grab quick things to make on our own, too. :(
    I like leftovers for lunch, but it depends on what it is. My husband really will only take a leftover burger for lunch, other than that he doesn’t really like leftovers.