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So cold.
Why am I smiling when it feels like 3 degrees outside? Because anything below 10 means that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear my obnoxious fur hat.0118160656Six miles at a 7:37 pace because my whole body was numb so I couldn’t stand to go slower. I know I’ve spent this entire post complaining about the cold so far… but really, I was happy to be outside. It’s a beautiful morning.0118160710Good start to the week!0118160651aRewinding: How was your weekend? Ours was busy but fun — here are a few quick snapshots!

Pasta night.spaghetti_squash_pasta_DSC0883Half spaghetti squash / half spaghetti noodles on bottom. Slow-cooked beef sauce on top!spaghetti_squash_pasta__DSC0884Friday night got REALLY wild when we busted out the (millionaire edition) Monopoly board.monopoly_millionaire_DSC0894I think I’ve lost every game of Monopoly I’ve ever played — but on Friday night I brought in so much (fake) cash that I actually bankrupt the bank. Maybe I should have bought a Powerball ticket last week… #toolate
Other highlights of the weekend: a fun outing with some new friends! Anthony and I met up with another couple at Climb Nashville for a very vertical adventure.IMG_20160117_134233Rock climbing is so hard! But so fun. And scary. I might have had a mini panic attack at the top of one 45-foot wall when I was convinced that the auto-belay rope wouldn’t catch me…

The 10-foot bouldering wall was much more my style.IMG_20160117_134247After climbing up, we went round and round. On the sushi train!0117161418cI think all restaurants should have rotator belts. It makes eating that much more fun 😉0117161420aTime to warm up and hit the road again! See you guys tomorrow.

  • Ever been to a sushi train restaurant?
  • Most ridiculous running accessory you own?
  • Highlight of your weekend?!

6 thoughts on “out, up & around

    • thanks! haha, i didn’t know that rotator belt sushi was a global phenomenon. glad that if we move to brisbane we won’t have to sacrifice that joy 😉

  1. YES! We have a restaurant near my parents’ house called Sushi Station – definitely a favorite, especially for lunch because they have great specials, but it’s always soooo packed!

    I have a lot of very bright running clothing, so then when I layer it all in the winter I look a little ridic :)

  2. I’ve never jumped on the sushi train, but I want to! What restaurant is that? I live in Nashville too and would love to try a new sushi place!