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sleeping in, secret bridge, kale salad

Is anyone else struggling to wake up this week? I think the cold, dark mornings are finally getting to me. The alarm clock almost won today.. but the thought of coffee and toast got me out of bed! _DSC0036Fellow morning runners: Do you wake up and head straight out the door, or do hang out a bit at home before you leave? I used to be a get-up-and-go girl, but now I’m a get-up, warm-up, eat-up, and then go girl.

Anyways. I didn’t really go — as in run — anywhere today! Instead I headed to the gym: 20 minutes on the stair master with Taylor Swift (I finally broke down and bought her album – so good!) and 18 minutes with the tried and true Nike Training Club app. “Goal Getter” is one of my favorites!
I do have a run to share, though. From Saturday! Lizzie and I met up for a downtown adventure. Here’s me, the Nashville skyline, and part of Lizzie’s thumb.0116160843We covered 7 hilly miles together and then I tacked on 2.5 after. Including a jog across this secret bridge… Nashvillians, can you guess where this is located? Winner gets a loaf of bread 😉0116160910I almost went for ten miles, and then I thought… nah. Nine-point-five sounds juuuuust fine with me. 0116160920Other activities of late: yoga! Confession: I hardly ever stretch and don’t enjoy yoga. However, I can endure it for 30 minutes in the comfort of my own home. Especially if 5 out of those 30 minutes are in sivasana pose. The online, recorded instructor and I really bonded in this moment.
How are we this far into a blog post without any food?! Let me share a kale salad with you. _DSC0897I made this NYT apple-almond-cheddar-kale creation the other night for a family get-together. The secret is cheese! We served this salad with a batch of my mom’s mac ‘n’ cheese and a plate of cheeseburgers. Cheese, cheese, cheese. It’s my favorite food._DSC0895And on that note, it’s time to get going! There are rumors we might get snow this evening…

  • Morning runners: Do you wake up and go straight out the door, or do you hang out at home for a bit first?
  • Nashvillians: Can you identify the bridge pictured above?!
  • One food you could eat at every meal? (Mine is obviously cheese)