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yoga and maafe.

Ice!0120160655Too slippery to run or drive this morning, so Anthony and I stayed inside and did a yoga video instead. I have another fun workout planned for tonight (assuming the weather permits) so I was okay with taking it easy. Also, given how terribly inflexible I am I suppose a bit of stretching was a good idea. Here’s my sad version of sitting Indian-style:0120160654and this is me “touching my toes.” Yikes!0120160654dHere’s the free video we followed, btw. If you’re snowed in today and have 30 minutes to spare, give it a whirl.

This cold weather calls for hot meals! Like maafe. I’d never heard of this West African dish and was intrigued when I saw it on the Cook Smarts menu.mafe_cook_smarts_DSC0899I have no idea how authentic this was, but I can say that it was good. The recipe we used is very similar to this one — turnips, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and chicken (I cooked my chicken in the slow cooker). All stirred up in a peanut /tomato/ginger/garlic sauce! mafe_cook_smarts_DSC0907We served ours over couscous and topped it with cilantro, lime, hot sauce, and a few more peanuts. Crunch.mafe_cook_smarts_DSC0905Time to tackle my second workout of the morning: scraping all of the ice off of my windshield :) Have a good one!

  • Have you ever made maafe?
  • Are you snowed/iced in today?!
  • Runners: how often do you stretch/do yoga?

4 thoughts on “yoga and maafe.

  1. Never heard of maafe, but it sounds and looks delicious! I try to incorporate yoga once a week and find that if I don’t, my hip flexors get SUPER tight and my IT band acts up–I’m a bit jealous you seem to not need it as much to prevent running injuries!

  2. LOVE maafe (I make a fish version, Edgar eats his mom’s tried-and-true-real-live-West-African version). Glad you liked it too. I am starting Cook Smarts next week, inspired by your recommendation (and tired of paying so much for HelloFresh). Did I miss the gloves review?

    • haha no you didn’t miss it, i’m just too lazy to post it. i’m inspired for tomorrow :). let me know how cooksmarts goes!! hope you love it. i’m a big fan obviously.