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snow run + soup

Oh yes. Snow.0121160631Just a little bit, though! The streets were pretty clear today and I got out there early enough to have the middle of the roads mostly to myself.0121160624I met up with Katie and we covered about five miles together. I’m glad to have runner friends crazy enough to meet me in the snow! After we parted ways I tacked on another 1.5 for good measure — I think we have more bad weather coming tomorrow and Saturday so who knows when I’ll be able to run outside again.0121160638bQuestion: When is it unacceptable to still have Christmas lights up?0121160626and when is it unacceptable to still be sore from a workout? I think the muscle fatigue should set in pretty soon from the workout I did last night and I will likely be aching for days. More on that tomorrow!studio_novo_nashville__DSC0007While I was out reformer Pilate-ing yesterday evening, Anthony was at home cooking up dinner! On the menu: broccoli cheese soup.broccoli_cheddar_soup_DSC0025I’ve never made broccoli cheese soup because it always sounds so heavy, but the Cook Smarts recipe we followed was nice and light. Broccoli, carrots, onions, (homemade) stock, and flour — plus an appropriate amount of cheddar mixed in at the end. Similar to this recipe but with less cheese.

Ground pepper. Speaking of which, we started watching The Grinder again. Such a cute show!broccoli_cheddar_soup__DSC0026Buttered bread on the side. I made a super intense loaf last weekend —  2 cups of this mix: whole wheat flour + chickpea flour + raw oats + spelt flour. And 1.5 cups of regular bread flour. Mixed in: barley, flax, and millet. Hearty but good. toast!_DSC0028Off to do the work thing! And then salsa dancing round II tonight. Let’s see if we remember any steps from last week…

  • What’s the cutoff date for Christmas lights?
  • One recipe you’ve never made but always wanted to?
  • Ever tried reformer Pilates/Lagree fitness?