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wintery weekend

Howdy! I typically start Monday’s post with a weekend running recap — but the past few days I’ve run zero miles due to snow!!!!IMG_20160122_125247We got about 6-8 inches of wonderful white snow, which is a big deal for Nashville. We didn’t leave the house at all on Friday or Saturday, apart from some wintery walks around the neighborhood.0122161254a_HDR

Frolicking. #snowday

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We shuffled our way to the grocery store on Saturday, where everyone was taking photos of the empty beer fridge! Ha.0123161023With so much free time on my hands, I got to (finally!) work on some sewing projects and make a nice dinner. Chicken marsala — sounds fancy, is actually simple.chicken_marsala_cook_smarts__DSC0034We made the pasta from scratch (borrowed my parents’ awesome pasta maker for the weekend!) which took this dish to a whole new level. chicken_marsala_cook_smarts__DSC0040Simple wine + olive oil + chicken stock sauce, with sauteed mushrooms and spinach on top. BTW I know that “sautee” has an accent but it’s 5 a.m. and I’m too lazy to figure out how to make my keyboard work.

I crisped up the chicken by coating it in flour and then frying it up in a generous amount of olive oil :)chicken_marsala_cook_smarts__DSC0041I was in charge of the homemade meals for the weekend — and Anthony was in charge of the homemade workouts! We transformed one of our rooms into a mini gym and got to work.
A classic card deck workout kept our heart rates up on Saturday. And a quick Nike Training Club workout on Sunday! It’s difficult for me to motivate myself to do a workout at home… good thing I found the perfect Rihanna station on Google Music to keep me going.IMG_20160124_161554One last snow photo and then I’m outta here!0122160727-001Hoping this stuff melts today and I can put my running shoes back on tomorrow. Have a good one!

  • Is it snowing in your city?!
  • Favorite workout band/artist/playlist/station?
  • Best meal you ate all weekend?