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snow-less run, supersized news… and nachos.

Poor little snowman.0126160653But, happy day for the rest of us. Especially the runners. Clear roads out there!0126160647aAnthony and I were eager to get out of the door after four days of indoor workouts. There were a few icy spots down in the park:0126160637But overall the sidewalks were perfectly non-slippery. Something I take for granted every year until it snows and I inevitably fall on my butt a few times :) (and yes, I did fall on the ice yesterday as I walked five feet to my car… very graceful)0126160639a But. Something I NEVER take for granted: Street furniture. Every abandoned dresser, sofa, armchair, etc. is a little present just waiting for me.0126160708Especially true for toilets. I saw this the other day while driving and pulled over just to capture it. Beautiful contrast with the deep green trash bins and perfectly white snow, don’t you think?0121160824I can’t believe anyone reads this blog. But anyways. Six miles in the books! Love when I end on such a perfectly even mileage/pace. If only I could have finished in 48 minutes flat.0126160710Let’s end this post with some food! On Saturday we settled in for a good old fashioned TV dinner. On the screen: The Good Wife.nachos_bison_beans__DSC0055On our plates: Nachos! You can barely see it, but there’s a small mountain of chips at the bases of our plates. Piled high with slow-cooked black beans (I follow this recipe), ground bison, onions, and bell peppers. We put the chips/meat/veggies/cheese on foil-lined cookie sheets in the oven to crisp up and then transferred the nacho mountains to plates using the foil as a carrier. Very strategic.

Then we went overboard on the toppings.nachos_bison_beans_DSC0052Speaking of overboard, I forgot to share some huge news from the weekend. After years of relying on my parents’ Costco membership for our supersized shopping needs, Anthony and I finally bit the bullet and bought our very own membership on Sunday. #ExecutiveStatus0124161404cSuch a major life event calls for celebration — and also, pushing a 100-lb cart around Costco counts as a workout. We headed to Jasmine in Franklin to revel in our adult-ness and refuel from the adventure. We both got spicy red curries — hit the spot on a snowy day!jasmine_cool_springs_franklin_DSC0058Hoping the rest of this slush is gone by tonight. Sending warm wishes to all of you folks up north!

  • Are you a Costco member? Business, Executive, or GOLD STAR?
  • One adult decision you’ve made in the past few months?
  • One thing you take for granted when it comes to running?