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pasta making & street running

Good day to you! 0128160643Finally, a little color in the air. I’ve had some very gloomy runs this week and needed the extra sunlight to get up and get out of bed. As my Instagram peeps would know, I stayed up past 9 pm last night to see Matilda at TPAC with my friend Kristin & co. Loved it! 0127161907aThen I was up for a run this morning with Anthony in 20-degree temps. Does anyone have head warmer recommendations? Mine is pretty thin and starting to get really loose. Maybe my head has started shrinking over the past couple of years. As long as my brain stays the same size I guess I’m okay with that.
But anyways. We skipped out on Shelby Park because I’ve been running there almost every day it seems. Stuck to East Nashville streets instead!0128160640Five miles at a sleepy pace. I was in no rush to run today!0128160710On the food front we’ve been eating lots of leftovers this week. Including pounds and pounds of pasta!homemade_pasta_DSC0064On Sunday we hosted some friends for spaghetti night and put them in charge of making the noodles. We borrowed my parents’ pasta maker (aka the god of all kitchen appliances) for the occasion. homemade_pasta_DSC0063We slow-cooked a sauce alllllll day and added some meatballs on top. I made them with my homemade breadcrumbs and I do think I could taste the difference!homemade_pasta_DSC0067Pile of baby spinach on the side and plenty of cheese on top! We finally bought this cheese grater and it’s so fun!_DSC0065-001Off to work this morning and then salsa dancing class tonight! I think we might learn the cross-body turn this week — I’m pretty excited.

  • If you could only have ONE kitchen appliance, what would it be?
  • What time is considered a “late” bedtime for you?
  • Most amount of days in a row you’ve eaten the same leftovers?