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early long run + smoky lentil soup

Good morning! The Friday vibes settled in early today because I woke up with extra energy for some reason. I decided to take advantage of it and start my run a little bit earlier than usual.0129160639Met up with three other dark-o-clock runners at East Nashville Running Company around mile 3. It was good to have some company for awhile! We headed down to the park just as the sun was coming up:0129160619And we chugged along at a nice and easy pace. When we parted ways I realized I still had some time before I needed to get home and talk to you fine people. And since I can’t do my long-ish run on Saturday (because I’ll be partying with Target + SoulCycle!) and I reallly don’t want ten miles hanging over my head until Sunday, I figured what the heck. Might as well knock it out now.

So, I turned around and did one more loop around the lake. Spotted my favorite bird! This guy is totally unafraid of people and I see him about once a week. I think he needs a name… any suggestions?0129160650It’s a beautiful morning. I hope you East Coast people are getting some nice weather too. But if not you should just move to Nashville.0129160652Ten miles, done! I was asleep for the first 3, with friends for the next 4, and then happily on the homestretch for the final 3. So it was all over before I even knew it.0129160707Other things that magically accomplished themselves: This lentil soup!smoky_red_lentil_soup_DSC0071 I dumped everything in the slow cooker yesterday before I went to work. When we got home from salsa class last night (which is free and awesome, btw — locals, here is the schedule) all we had to do was ladle it into bowls.smoky_red_lentil_soup_DSC0068All of the fixins’: avocado, sour cream, cilantro, and tortilla chips. Is there anything that avocado doesn’t taste good on? Anthony and I were talking about avocados the other day and I tried to remember the first time I ever tried one (aka the moment when my life changed forever): Maybe 2004? For some reason I don’t think avocados were really a thing until I was in high school. Please share your personal avocado stories in the comments so that I’m not alone.smoky_red_lentil_soup_DSC0076Hope you have a good weekend and see you Monday!

  • First time you remember eating avocado?
  • What should I name the crane-like bird by the lake?
  • What day of the week do you do your long runs?