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weekend recap

Ugh, what a gloomy Monday. I think this calls for a fresh loaf of bread:homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread_DSC0118I made a rosemary olive oil loaf for a friend over the weekend and it looked so good that I made another for us to keep! Bread-making magic was on my side because the flour-water ratio for this loaf came out just right. Look at those crispy crusts!homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread_DSC0127Other weekend adventures included a double date. On Friday we had plans with our friends to try Porter House Bistro, a mysterious East Nashville restaurant that seems to always be empty but still somehow in business… but when we arrived the restaurant was mysteriously closed. ?!

We quickly changed our game plan and ended up at Marche. This spot specializes in brunch so was kind of quiet for dinner — a good thing, since it’s nearly impossible to walk into any East Nashville restaurant on the weekend without a reservation.marche_east_nashville_0129161914aI ordered the chicken and risotto and had a few bites of Anthony’s pasta. I’ll never do brunch at Marche because I’m philosophically opposed to brunch (perhaps I’ll write a post on that another day) but dinner was a hit. Well done.marche_east_nashville_DSC0077Other food highlights of the weekend: fresh salad! All of the cold weather over the past few weeks had me craving hot soup and comfort foods lately — but this weekend it was wonderfully warm and a cool salad sounded good._DSC0098It was so nice out that I got jogger jealousy when I saw Anthony head out for a run on Saturday afternoon. I simply couldn’t take it so I joined him for the first three :)0130161628_HDRI love days like this:0130161638Saturday night was pretty low key. Just a lazy beer and cards at The Filling Station. How do we always find ourselves here?0130161918and some leftover shepard’s pie.shepards_pie__DSC0114Ground turkey plus carrots, peas, and onions. Mashed taters on top!shepards_pie_DSC0111Other big news of the past couple of days: We bought a new TV! Putting our Costco membership to good use already :) Superbowl, we’re ready for you.

  • Locals: Have you tried or heard of Porter House Bistro?
  • Highlight of your weekend?
  • Brunch: Love it or hate it?

ps — I hear we’re still having some issues with the comments feature! Sorry if you’ve tried to comment and been shut down. I’m working on fixing it ASAP!

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