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How’s your Tuesday going? It’s kind of glum outside in Nashville but not as ugly as yesterday. Good enough to run in.0202160635aAnthony and I headed down to the airfield for a nice and easy jog. I wore all black, Claire Underwood-style.0202160628claire_underwood
Isn’t it funny when you see videos or photos of celebrities/movie characters running? I always wonder how far and fast they’re actually going. Apparently TSwift goes for jogs in Nashville’s Percy Warner Park. Maybe I need to change up my route?

Anyways, didn’t spot Taylor this morning but we did make it up “The Nasty,” aka the steepest hill on this side of the river. I try to tackle this monster at least once a week to keep the old glutes going strong.0202160655Seven miles in the books! Now it’s time to go start my day… but not before we share some soup.

On the menu last night: RAMEN! Wok the wok.homemade_beef_ramen_DSC0139I was very excited to make this dish because the Cook Smarts Facebook group members were raving about it all last week. Now we know why! Yum.homemade_beef_ramen_DSC0145The original recipe called for chicken, but we went with beef for a change. You can barely see the meat and noodles under all of those herbs. And the runny egg! homemade_beef_ramen_DSC0142Topped with some sriracha for kick. Served in bowls from Vietnam!homemade_beef_ramen_DSC0141And that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Have a good one!

  • Most exotic country you’ve ever visited?
  • Ever spotted a famous person while you were out for a run?
  • Running attire: all black, or all bright?

4 thoughts on “running & ramen

  1. I spotted Shawn Johnson awhile ago! Pretty sure she lives in Nashville because she was walking a dog. I’m more of a dark colored workout-wear person, but if I add some color, it’s always the top! I stick to black or gray bottoms.

  2. I haven’t seen a celebrity yet, but I always wonder the same thing about them running! I love all black, super sleek!

    Ramen looks great! We tried that new Otaku Ramen in The Gulch & it was delicious!!!

    • oh i’ve heard good things about that spot! never even went there when it was located on the east side but must try it out!