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SoulCycle x Target review + a run in shorts!

Nashville is looking quite nice this morning.0203160624I met up with the East Nasty run club for the first time in months! After my marathon in October I kind of fell off the group running bandwagon. BTW, how did I ever run 26.2 miles? That seems like an insanely long distance to me right now. Isn’t it weird how different distances/paces seem so foreign during different periods of a training cycle? 0203160646Anyways, seven miles felt like a good distance today. I could have even made it to 7.25 if I wanted to, but I stopped right at .00 and walked the rest of the way home. Usually I’m too rushed in the morning to enjoy a cool-down of any kind (and let’s not even discuss stretching — that never happens) but today I had a couple of extra minutes to spare and got to enjoy a lovely walk. Also I was wearing SHORTS because it’s 54 degrees out. It’s the little things in life.0203160649Not sure how it’s Wednesday and I still haven’t gotten through my photos from the weekend! Let’s rewind:

On Satruday, I had the opportunity to “find my soul.” At SoulCycle! This fitness brand partnered with Target and came to down for three days. Free fitness for all!soulcycle_x_target_nashville__DSC0090The classes were held in The Bridge Building, which is located right on the Cumerland River. It’s a beautiful space, and the SoulCycle x Target teams did a fabulous job setting everything up. Considering they had hundreds of newbies flowing in and out of the building all weekend, I was surprised how organized and on-schedule everything was. Unfortunately I’ve been to a few blogger/community events that have been disasters. So, good job team!soulcycle_x_target_nashville_DSC0085When I arrived at the event, a goodie bag was waiting for me!soulcycle_x_target_nashville_0130160915I sported some new C9 by Champion gear for the class. These tights have attitude! soulcycle_x_target_nashville_0130160928b

and I do, too. In case you missed it on Instagram:

And then it was time to cycle! Our instructor Becca was one of the most energetic instructors I’ve had in my four years of fitness studio reviewing. She was unstoppable! After she powered us through 45 minutes of sprinting, climbing, and even some strength training on our bikes, she became my hero. I got butterflies getting on stage to meet this SoulCycle celebrity!soulcycle_x_target_nashville_0130161029aThat was fun. Thanks for having me, SoulCycle & Target! If you live in Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis, or LA, this pop-up fitness tour is coming to your town next. Here’s the schedule in case you’re interested.

My spare minutes are up! Time to go do the work thing and get this day rolling.

  • Do you stretch/cool-down/walk after your run?
  • Ever tried SoulCycle?
  • One little thing that made you happy today?!

5 thoughts on “SoulCycle x Target review + a run in shorts!

  1. I cool down/stretch very rarely after my runs, which is SO bad for me. :/ I am usually running straight from, well, my run to the subway.

    I would try SoulCycle, but it’s so expensive! $40+ for a class is not feasible for me. I’d rather spend that money on running shoes and cross train with FitnessBlender.

    One thing that made me happy is a gorgeous sunrise after the torrent that is El Nino.

  2. Yay, I can comment now, glad it’s working!

    I have not tried soul cycle………..sounds fun but I would be a definite newbie to it!
    I cool down a bit walking, but am really bad about stretching.

    I ran in shorts too…….love this crazy odd warm weather thing going on right now!