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women’s winter running glove review: Manzella hatchbacks

Let’s start today bright!manzella_hatchback_gloves_women_0109160834aMy friend Chrissy reminded me the other day that I never followed up with a glove recommendation. A couple of months ago I asked you guys for some hardcore winter glove recs because I’m a huge wimp when it comes to having cold fingers.

I run with my phone in my hand (so that I can take beautiful photos of street furniture for y’all) which adds an extra level of chill to my fingers and knuckles. Plus these Tennessee winters are actually quite chilly.  We’ve had some ten-degree days and twenty-mile winds this winter which can really chill your hands to the core. As well as your head, which is why I recommend wearing a ridiculous fur hat.0118160656Per a recommendation from reader Kathy, I tried out a pair of Manzella gloves. Manzella has been making ONLY gloves and hats for 30+ years and is based in the frigid, snow-covered state of Ohio (hi, Aunt Diane!). They make gloves for a bunch of other brands like Nike and Pearl Izumi and sound like they know their stuff.

I bought a pair of Manzella women’s hatchback gloves a few weeks ago on Amazon for $21. As you can see they are quite bright!0112160653eI’ve been wearing them pretty much every day (especially days under 40 degrees) and am happy to report that they are awesome! On days where it’s been in the 10 degree range I’ve layered them with 1-2 pairs of light gloves under for super-duper warmth, but today I wore them in 33-degree temps without any layering. They kept my fingers nice and toasty.0204160658aThey even keep my right hand (which holds my phone) warm too. Allowing me to snap photos of lovely street finds like this old school TV I spotted today on Riverside Drive:0204160647And on warmer days (45 or higher) you can tuck in the wind-breaking mitten part so that your hands don’t overheat. Love that the mitten part actually tucks into the glove so that it doesn’t flap around annoyingly. manzella_hatchback_gloves_women_0109160726Two last pros of the Manzella hatchbacks: 1) the exterior is pretty plush and soft which means that if you wipe sweat off your face it doesn’t feel all scratchy. Just keeping it real here. 2) they have a little attachment thing that lets you clip them together when you’re not wearing them. I tend to lose gloves in the wash/closet/drawer so I’m glad I have a better shot of keeping these guys together! And also, how can I lose them in a pile of clothes or dark drawer when they’re so freaking BRIGHT.

The only downside to the gloves is that they’re not really touchscreen-friendly. Luckily my phone has actual buttons (not touchscreen buttons) that you can use to take photos — meaning that I don’t have to worry so much about touchscreen friendliness when I’m running. But I could see how that would be a downside for some people.

One other thing to note is that they don’t have pockets/key holders (unless you count the mitten pocket, I guess?). Doesn’t bother me but I think some people like pocket-ed gloves.

Other than that, I highly recommend these babies! For the price I think they’re by far the warmest gloves I’ve had in years. Go buy yourself a pair for Valentine’s day <3

Now that my glove rambles are over, here’s one last shot from today’s run:0204160646Three easy miles for Thursday.

I have more to share but I’m running late! Get ready for a food overload tomorrow. Have a good one!

  • What do you look for in a running glove?
  • Do you run with your phone? If so how do you carry it?
  • What are you wimpiest about when it comes to running?

2 thoughts on “women’s winter running glove review: Manzella hatchbacks

  1. It’s never cold enough in Brisbane to wear gloves, or any other winter running gear really. Whilst this is good for the budget and the sake of simplicity, I love cold weather, long tights and ridiculous fur hats. I need to move!