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our menu for the week

Popping in this lovely Friday to share some eats from the week! You can pop in the comments section (which, thank heavens, is finally working again I believe) to say hi :)

First: Fruit! I rarely get out my camera to record anything other than dinners (and bread — which is coming at the end of this post :) ) but on Sunday when I made our fruit bowls for the week everything was so colorful that I had to take a pic. I pack these for Anthony and I to snack on throughout the week — I’ve found that cut-up fruit is a lot more fun to eat than whole fruit when you’re sitting at an office desk. If I pack a lonely old apple, it usually won’t get eaten!fresh_fruit_cup_DSC0096On the opposite side of the spectrum, here’s a big old whole chicken. Easy to pull off when you stick it in the slow cooker!whole_chicken_slow_cooker_DSC0153I put the bird in on low heat before I left for work on Wednesday and threw in an onion, salt, and pepper too. Plus some sprigs of rosemary!

When we came home all I had to do was focus on the side dishes (which I’d prepped over the weekend — major time saver). Simple roasted brussel sprouts + Israeli couscous.whole_chicken_slow_cooker_DSC0164The meat was so tender! Plus I had lots of stock to make homemade brothwhole_chicken_slow_cooker_DSC0159After I took these photos I realized we were missing a key ingredient: Cranberry sauce! The whole reason I made this dish was to use up cranberry sauce that had been in our freezer since Thanksgiving. whole_chicken_slow_cooker_DSC0168Final meal of the week: Fried rice quinoa. From Cook Smarts! Now that I have my running glove review out of the way, I’ll have to do a full write-up on this meal planning service for you guys :) Big topics being discussed right here on the blog as always.quinoa_fried_rice_DSC0172Quinoa/brown rice mix, sausage, carrots, eggs, and onions (green AND white). Topped with cilantro + sriracha. <– we must be eating a lot of sriracha because that’s the first time I’ve spelled it correctly on my own without having to Google it first…quinoa_fried_rice_DSC0169Chopsticks and a fork on the side. Because my chopsticks skillz aren’t quite strong enough to handle a single grain of quinoa  at the bottom of the bowl. quinoa_fried_rice_DSC0174And now for the grand finale: BREAD!!!! homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0118I took advantage of our rosemary plant (which is somehow still alive this cold winter) and put some fresh flavor in this loaf. Look at that little sprig sneaking out the side!homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0115homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0119A few flax seeds sprinkled in:homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0127homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0130All sliced up! We’ve been enjoying this bread with runny eggs for breakfast.homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0134And that was our menu for the week! Tonight we’re headed out with Alanna, who is visiting all the way from Baltimore! Charm City meet Music City.

  • What was on your menu for the week?
  • Fruit: Eat it whole, or cut it up first?
  • Is it normal for rosemary plants to survive a TN winter? I know nothing about gardening and just plant things to see if they live.

2 thoughts on “our menu for the week

  1. This is probably a stupid question, but I’m asking anyway. How do you get your bread sliced so perfectly??

    • not stupid! the trick for slicing, especially for fluffier/airy loaves, is to let the bread completely cool first — and then chill it out for a bit. i like to let mine rest on a drying rack for a couple of hours and then wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge overnight. it makes it easier to slice thinly and evenly the next morning.