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super friends & super bowl {weekend recap}

What a weekend! We packed ours full with friends and fun. Might need an extra coffee today but it’s worth it :). How was yours?

Rewinding to Friday…

We picked up Alanna and Milad from the airport as they arrived from Baltimore! First stop: Hai Woon Dai, our favorite Antioch spot. Bibimbap all around.hai_woon_dai_antioch_DSC0176Then we watched Alanna’s cousin skate away on the ice. Go Vanderbilt hockey!

I wish I could say we partied hard out on the town after that, but let’s be real… we were in bed by 10:30. I got up a little early on Saturday for a little run:0206160747Another weekend of beautiful weather. I even got to bust out my diva running sunglasses because it was so bright.0206160803Six miles at a speedy pace. I was rushing to get home and have breakfast with our guests!0206160823Not that we ate too big of a meal on Saturday morning, though. We were saving room for Nashville’s finest hot chicken.hatti_bs_charlotte_nashville_DSC0180Alanna and Milad’s first Hattie B’s experience. It had to be documented!_DSC0178Since Hattie B’s Charlotte Ave. location is right next to Coco’s Italian market, we decided that a game of bocce was in order. Can’t say it was my strongest performance. My body must have been in shock from all of the hot chicken. Alanna, on the other hand, nailed it. Blue team 1, red team o!IMG_20160206_143812That evening we debated going out… but ended up sitting at home with lots of cheese and wine. What can I say. The party starts and ends at the Lambkins’ house! And it ends around 9 pm if you tend to fall asleep while sitting up like I do._DSC0184We did manage to go “out” a couple times over the weekend, though. As in, outside. First we went for a walk in my favorite: Shelby Park.
and on Sunday we drove to the other side of town to Percy Warner park. The 2.3-mile trail loop is perfect for a weekend stroll. It was packed with people (except for the second I snapped this shot) enjoying the awesome weather. Is it spring yet?0207161120Such a beautiful weekend! And such beautiful people. Thanks for visiting, Alanna and Milad! Next time we’ll have to go do the honky tonk bar thing one night. Or not :)0207161120bWe dropped these guys back off at the airport in the early afternoon. I was on a friendship high and had the energy for a quick jog around town:0207161514Spotted a full sleeping set on Benjamin and 16th. Mattress and box spring, both in poor condition. Get em while they’re hot.0207161531After my run it was time to get ready for the big game! We decided to host a Super Bowl party for a handful of friends. I haven’t watched football since maybe 2014 but the Super Bowl snack appeal encouraged us to spontaneously get in the game._DSC0194I made hummus + veggies and a few desserts — but the real highlight of the night was the wings! Anthony and our friend Luke were in charge of grilling and smoking them.
Yum._DSC0197These babies flew me right into Monday. I’ve got a few days of work to knock out, and then we’re off to Orlando on Thursday! Time to go put a loaf of bread in the bread machine and get this day rolling. See y’all tomorrow.

  • Hot chicken: Ever tried it?
  • Locals: What’s your favorite park for a walk/hike?
  • Best Super Bowl snack you ate this weekend?!

11 thoughts on “super friends & super bowl {weekend recap}

  1. Love that you went to the Vandy hockey game! My husband is the coach, and we’re always glad when fans make it out to Ford Ice! Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the game Friday night (it was past our baby girl’s bedtime), as it was certainly the best played one of the weekend for Vandy! Who’s your friend’s cousin? I love all of the players, it’s a great group!

  2. I have not tried hot chicken………I’m a wimp!
    We did not watch the superbowl…….not big football fans…….but we snacked on red velvet oreos!
    And I think it’s Percy Warner park that is my fav………that’s the one by the horse track and golf course, right? We have walked there when we are in town and saw turkey once and heard some sort of injured animal that creeped me out……..raccoon? bobcat? I was convinced it was a bear and I got out of the woods quick!! Ha!

  3. Wow those wings look great. I’m a huge wings fan so I’ve tried most types. I watched the super bowl (my team the panthers was playing) but to be honest I was underwhelmed by everything (including the ads, actual game and the half time show).

    • i set zero expectations for the games and ads and focus solely on the wings :). those never let me down.

  4. Will you be in Orlando on Saturday? Great race in Winter Park. Fast course, 4 miles, and you can combine your time with your hubby’s for some kind of contest.