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snowy run + red lentil soup

Snow!_DSC0217We had just enough snow this morning to make me wimp out on running on the sidewalks. There are little patches of thin ice that you can barely see — not good for slip-prone runners like me!_DSC0216I took it to the treadmill instead. Here is another photos of my fabulous shoes.0209160704aAnd here’s a photo of the ugly treadmill. At least I had Justin Bieber and a stream of infomercials for products like human-sized teddy bears to keep me company.0209160704Not the most exciting run of my life, but hey: we’ll be in warm, sunny (flat!) Florida in a couple of days! I’ve had enough of this winter thing.

And, at least the cold weather is good for soup!red_lentil_soup_with_salad_DSC0208I made Williams-Sonoma’s smoky red lentil soup again since my batch from the other week only lasted a couple of days. Round II was even better — I upped the lentil ratio and added extra bacon :)red_lentil_soup_with_salad_DSC0200Simple salad on the side — just carrots and green leaf lettuce. red_lentil_soup_with_salad_DSC0210Usually I’m all about the toppings and add-ins on my salad but lately I’ve been liking them plain. Something about that herby lettuce and sweet balsamic vinegar we got on our trip to Verona. #LiquidGold_DSC0405I dined solo since Anthony had a work event last night. And I got to catch up on Mindy Project after! Does anyone else think that show has gotten funnier since it moved to Hulu?red_lentil_soup_with_salad_DSC0212And as Mindy would say… Exsqueeze me. Time to go!

  • Favorite Hulu/Netflix original?
  • Salad topping of choice?
  • How many inches of snow/ice are enough to make you run inside or not run at all?