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XL-sized Orlando recap

Let’s see if I can fit all of Orlando into a single post! First up: Friday at Orlando Studios! Haven’t been here since 1992 and I suppose that quite a lot has changed. 0212160903We did all of the big kid rides and spent way too much time in Hogsmeade. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan! (Books, not the movies, just to clarify to all my other HP peeps)_DSC0251 0212161134_DSC0247My first butterbeer! I thought it would just taste like cream soda but it was actually uniquely sweet/salty and delicious. #magic_DSC0253Even though my stomach was in knots from three rounds of roller coasters, I found room for a big burger for lunch. All the fun left me famished!_DSC0257The Cowfish was a really cool spot. The menu has sushi and burgers, as well as burger-filled sushi?! Let’s just get up close and personal with this brioche bun for a sec:_DSC0258We headed back into the park for a few more hours after lunch and were totally wiped out by the evening. Canceled our dinner reservations and collapsed at the hotel instead! Romantic happy hour was in order:0212161912We picked up a pizza + salad ingredients at Whole Foods for dinner and dined in our sweatpants. It was heavenly._DSC0265On Saturday Anthony and I were up bright and early for a run! We headed over to Winter Park to see what the buzz about this neighborhood was. 0213160913What a beautiful area! Giant mossy trees everywhere.0213160921And giant houses everywhere, too! It’s like Georgetown meets Belle Meade plus tropical landscaping.0213160919My running buddy for life:0213160957aWe found a lovely eight-mile route on MapMyRun and didn’t even get lost with all of the turns. It took us around a lot of old streets and blue lakes. The perfect weather helped, too.0213161009The eight miles flew by, even though our feet were tired from all the walking on Friday. When we finished we threw on some non-sweaty shirts and met up with my parents at Briarpatch for brunch. Thanks to Stephanie for the recommendation! Those pancakes might have been the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten.0213161128aWe strolled around the farmers’ market, which was hoppin’! Winter Park people are clearly into farmers’ markets.0213161207Stephanie, thanks for the kettle corn recommendation. This stuff was addictive.0213161208We skipped lunch and went for an early dinner at Urbain40. They gave the ladies flowers for Valentine’s Day and we immediately reenacted The Bachelor rose ceremony:
Mary D., will you accept this rose?0213161729But unlike Bachelor people we actually ate our food instead of just posing with it awkwardly. Watercress salad with candied bacon. Yes, candied bacon._DSC0267Milanese chicken:_DSC0270Fabulous meal to end our trip! Orlando, you were awesome and I am jealous of your “winter” weather.

Nashville was looking quite dreary when I arrived back home:0214161027Sleet was scheduled to fall from the sky around noon so I made sure to squeeze my run in as soon as possible! I dodged the bad weather by about 30 minutes :)0214161000I did my usual airfield route. Hardly anyone else was out running because it was freezing, windy, and ugly outside. The only spots of color were my bright yellow gloves :)0214160947Even though it wasn’t a very pretty run, at least it wasn’t icy! I’m grateful that I was able to run outside and avoid the treadmill for a day. Hoping that this wintery weather wears off soon!0214161037That being said, it’s time to venture out on this drizzly Monday and get this day started. Apologies for the XL-sized post today — hope you didn’t mind all of the scrolling!

  • Last vacation you went on?
  • Harry Potter: Books? Movies? Neither?
  • Favorite Bachelor contestant this season?

6 thoughts on “XL-sized Orlando recap

  1. I just learned yesterday that not eating during the dates on the Bachelor is actually a thing–apparently the chewing gets picked up in the microphones. Hope they get food somewhere!

  2. I love love love Harry Potter at Universal!! And of course I love disneyworld too!! Looks like great weather food and company! I will have to keep that breakfast place in mind!!

    I saw who wins the Bach already and I think people will be pretty happy with his choice! Seems like he got the crazies outta there!

  3. My last trip was to Universal Orlando for Harry Potter World, about 2 weeks ago!! It was basically a dream come true for me since I have been a HP fanatic for 15+ years. I think the books are light years better than the movies, but I own and love the movies too. Basically if the HP label is stamped on it, I’ll probably like it. 😉

    Why do they even bother with the illusion of food dates if they won’t let the people eat? Maybe they should break those rules and use the eating time to discuss things they’d rather not be aired. 😉