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my podcast debut + other randomness

It’s a bleak day outside, so why not start the morning with some exciting news?0216160621And I mean exciting in the dorkiest way :) Since I already gushed about my love for Harry Potter yesterday I might as well admit my other celebrity crush: Christopher Kimball, the bow tie-wearing (and semi-controversial) leader of America’s Test Kitchen / Cook’s Country / Cook’s Illustrated. At least he’s not a fictional character, right?_DSC0201Though I love my Cook’s Illustrated cook book, one of my favorite products from Chris and his crew is the America’s Test Kitchen podcast, which is a weekly show featuring celebrity chefs, product reviews, taste testings, and listener-submitted questions! I listen to the podcast just about every week during my commute or over a lunch break walk.

And guess what, guys. I mustered up the courage to call in with a question the other week and it was selected and published ON AIR in the latest episode. I pretty much died as soon as I heard it! My three-minute discussion with Chris and co-host Bridget is available for the world to see listen to. You can listen to Chris and me chat it up at the six-minute mark here. atk_radioSo basically my life goal has been achieved. Thus my motivation to go run today (or even get out of bed, now that I’m a celebrity) was low but I made it out anyways 😉0216160630And boy am I glad I did! I found a gold mine of street furniture for y’all on 14th street. Brace yourself for a trio of mattresses and more:02161606350216160632aI tried to get artsy with this last one. Do you like the mattress silhouette? 0216160634Six miles in the books. I didn’t feel amazing on this run but I chugged right along and was finished in 47 minutes. I love running because you can fit in a good workout in less than an hour (or even less than 30 minutes). Efficiency!

Speaking of efficient: I prepped the ingredients for this Cook Smarts meal on Sunday and cooked it all up in about 20 minutes on Monday. I finished eating by 7:30 and had time to go to an 8 o’clock hip hop dance class — more on that tomorrow!ma_po_tofu__DSC0281The dish is called ma po tofu and it’s one of the most exotic-sounding Cook Smarts recipes I’ve tried to date. The CS team put ma po tofu on the menu in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Year of the monkey here we come.ma_po_tofu_DSC0273Anyways, I can’t say I was in love with this dish (and as for authenticity, I have zero clue whether it hit the mark) but it wasn’t bad. Have you ever cooked with Chinese black bean sauce, aka douchi? It has a tangy/sweet taste that I don’t really understand but kind of like.ma_po_tofu__DSC0285Let me know if you give the podcast a listen! Now that I’m BFFs with Christopher I’m sure I’ll start a minutes per mile podcast soon 😉

  • Favorite podcasts?
  • Ever tried ma po tofu/chicken/pork etc?
  • Most random object you’ve found on the street during a run?

3 thoughts on “my podcast debut + other randomness

  1. I really like the Run to the Top podcast by Runner’s Connect. I also just started listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and that one is pretty good so far!