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Good morning! 0217160635Let’s just pretend it’s warm and sunny and we’re sipping margaritas and eating tacos at Rosepepper. Their sign always cheers me up, even on gloomy days like today. Anthony, I have something to tell you…0217160633I met up with Katie for an early morning run and we finished just when the sun (kind of) came up! Always nice to knock out my run a little earlier than usual and have some extra time to get ready/do nothing before work. 0217160638As you will see at the end of this post, I was very productive with my extra 20 minutes today and surfed the world wide web to find some fantastic links for y’all.

But first I have to deliver on my promise from yesterday: A quick recap of my hip hop dance class! My friend Tracee asked me to go and I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to shake my booty and embarrass myself. documents-export-2016-02-17The adults’ hip hop class is offered for $10 at Dance East, a fun little dance/yoga studio here in East Nashville. There were about ten entry-level (or below entry-level, if you’re like me) ladies and one brave man in the class and we had an awesome time. I realized that the secret to hip hop is confidence and rhythm, neither of which I have. BUT, I still had fun and got in a decent workout!

Our instructor was awesome and so accepting of my limited hip hop skillz. She even took a video of us at the end of class so that we could see our badass selves in action! I really debated whether to post this video because it’s so embarrassing but at this point in my Internet stardom, what do I have to lose?

Email readers can watch a (blurry, thank goodness) recap of our routine here: https://youtu.be/B_5KqbyOl9w. You’re welcome.

And now for some other fun distractions. Here are some things I found during recent Internet adventures!

1. The Disciplined Pursuit of Less When It Comes to Your Workout. My friend and local personal trainer Andy wrote this post about the “big, bad” essential gym exercises like squats, dead lifts, presses, etc.  and argued why they’re way more essential (and effective) than the “non-essentials” like bicep curls and crunches. Give it a read and hit the gym!


2. Upcoming Nashville Running Events. If you’re local, here’s your list of spring races! And if you’re not local, here’s your excuse for a vacation! My personal favorite local spring race is the Moosic City Dairy Dash :)

3.Sugar for Runners: Just How Bad Is It? Interesting read. Looks like I don’t have to give up my daily consumption of Moser Roth 😉moser roth chocolate bar“In one test period, the subjects ate a fructose-heavy diet while staying sedentary, while in the other, they ate the same sugary diet but stayed physically active, taking over 12,500 steps per day. After each test period, the subjects’ blood was checked for a number of markers associated with inflammation and fat metabolism.
A sedentary lifestyle, eating lots of sugary foods caused low-grade inflammation and “postprandial lipidemia,” a medical term for increased circulation of fat in your blood following a meal.
Neither of these are good things! But when the subjects stayed active while eating the fructose-heavy diet, these negative effects disappeared.”

Off to practice my hip hop routine one more time before heading into work. I guess I should keep my day job for now…

  • Have you ever taken dance lessons? (When I was a kid. Clearly do not remember anything)
  • Ever tried a no sugar diet? (I would die)
  • Most essential exercise for runners? (I’m a big believer in the single-leg squat)

11 thoughts on “run, dance, read

  1. I took everything from ballet and tap to jazz and even clogging (it was in Texas!) from age 2 until about 10. I don’t have that coordination now! Even then my timing was too fast!

    I think I would die with no sugar too!

    I think stretching is pretty important for runners. I know I never stretch enough and my flexibility shows it.

  2. 1. I’m trying to forget the hip hop class I took on college.
    2. Oh wow. No. I need my dark chocolate and kettle corn (and a few other things too).
    3. Side-stepping with resistance band around your ankles. Hips, hips, hips (for me).

  3. I am very uncoordinated so I have never taken dance lessons.
    I would never give up sugar (okay, I did once give up sweets for Lent several years ago, and I haven’t given up anything for Lent since…ha ha!) It’s just not worth the deprivation to me!
    I should do more yoga and stretching in general to help my running, but if I chose one exercise, I’d say the bridge.

    (Off to listen to the ATK podcast!)

  4. That class looks fun!! The lady in the front is killing it!! I took dance til I was 12. I would never give up sugar. I believe in squats and interval training/high intensity stuff! Burns more fat!

  5. I’ve tried giving up sugar, but the most I lasted was 10 days–so hard! For me, clamshells and side leg raises are the most important exercises because I don’t work those muscles while running so they get super weak. AND the pigeon stretch.