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5 miles, 7 deer, dinner for 1

Clear skies and 52 degrees. FINALLY!0219160621It took me a while to find my groove on today’s run due to a little hamstring hangover. Yesterday I tried out Nike Training Club’s “True Condition” routine which was a killer. By the way, I just discovered this NTC beginner half marathon plan — looks like a great little lineup of cross training and running in case you’re interested.

Anyways, back to this morning’s run. By mile 2.5 I was feeling good. Stopped to watch the sunrise + the train go by. 0219160628Seven deer, just hanging out. I them allll the time in Shelby Park. I wonder if they remember me — that weird runner girl with the smartphone.0219160625Five miles for Friday. Hoping I can get a nice long run in tomorrow while this weather sticks around. Is it spring yet? 0219160647aWhile it’s still wintery-ish, our menu is full of comfort food! Chicken/chickpea stew + rice + garlicky chard.chicken_chickpea_stew_with_chard_DSC0293I made this on Wednesday night and enjoyed dinner for one since Anthony was out of town. I may have moved this meal to a TV tray while I wrapped up the last episode of The Mindy Project (which aired in December, I know) — how dramatic! I’m quite distressed by the whole Mindy/Danny situation right now.chicken_chickpea_stew_with_chard_DSC0290 To all of my single readers / readers whose partner travels: Do you still cook actual meals when you’re dining solo? I almost decided to just go with five-minute scrambled eggs, but I wanted to have leftovers for when Anthony came home on Thursday :)

Round two, with company, was just as good! Anything with chard is a winner in my books. chicken_chickpea_stew_with_chard_DSC0295Have a good weekend!

  • Mindy/Danny: What do you think is going to happen?
  • Most common critter you spot on your runs?
  • Dining solo: Actually cook a meal, or just a bowl of cereal?

3 thoughts on “5 miles, 7 deer, dinner for 1

  1. I “actually cook meals” but typically it’s all done on Sunday and then I reheat them throughout the week. Not sure if this is a sign of my singledom or laziness–my usual day consists of work then workout and I’m really not in the mood to cook a full meal from scratch at that point.

  2. I usually don’t but I’m starting to cook more when I’m alone. I used to just eat whatever is around or pick up a burrito. But I’m trying to cook more now, even just for myself. Cooking for one is tough though!!

  3. I agree and keep asking myself…is it Spring? I miss that weather so much. Although this weekend will be nice.

    Your meal looks great. You can come to NJ and cook anytime. 😉