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I think this past weekend was one of my favorites of late because I packed it with all of my favorite things. Starting with a run!0220160704aThe weather on Saturday was awesome. Overcast, yes, but nice and warm! I ran in SHORTS.0220160706Anthony and I randomly woke up at 5:30 on Saturday (early bird syndrome) so I was out the door around 6:15. I had Shelby Park almost entirely to myself and along the way and was thinking about all of the lovely sounds of birds and feet and wind and trains that I got to listen to.

I made a video for you of all of the pretty sounds! Notes on each sound below. Turn up the volume for #3 & #7.

  1. The train!
  2.  FROGS
  3. The mile beep of my watch :)
  4. Saying hi to another runner (he said hi back, I promise)
  5. Wind on top of the bridge
  6. Footsteps on a wooden bridge
  7. Woodpecker (you have to really turn up the volume)
  8. More train. I tried to race it but it won.Capture

Hope you enjoyed those noises. Do you think I have a shot at being a profesh sound/video producer?0220160747After my run Anthony and I got bagels at Mitchell’s Deli — our belated Valentine’s Day date! We never ever ever go out for breakfast so this felt like a special occasion 😉0220160924aThe rest of the day was spent prepping for a dinner party!
Full recap on that one coming tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some other eats from the weekend:_DSC0302^^ Pile of spinach before. _DSC0306^^Pile of spinach after! How does it cook down so small. We paired our greens with salmon & sweet taters.panko_salmon_sweet_potato_spinach_DSC0310I followed this pecan-crusted salmon with lemon glaze recipe. The lemon glaze took a bit of work, but it was good!panko_salmon_sweet_potato_spinach__DSC0312Sunday night was spent at home with towers of tacos.pork_carnitas_taco_mango_coleslaw_DSC0390I’m loving our new Costco membership so much that I bought a FIFTEEN-POUND pork shoulder the other day. I divided it into 3-5 pound portions and slow-cooked the crap out of Pork Pile Part I yesterday. The remaining 11 pounds are in the freezer for another day!

After slow cooking the meat for ten hours like so, I crisped it up in a pan on high heat while I sauteed some bell peppers on the neighboring burner. Topped with the essentials! Except cilantro, which I forgot. The horror.pork_carnitas_taco_mango_coleslaw_DSC0392And served with some mango-jalapeno-pepper-slaw from Cook Smarts. Yum.pork_carnitas_taco_mango_coleslaw_DSC0398Adios!

  • If you had 15 pounds of pork on hand, what would you do with it?
  • Have you run in shorts this year yet?!
  • What are your favorite things to do on a weekend at home?

2 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. I think I’d shred it and make tacos like you did or pulled pork sandwiches/enchiladas!
    I ran in shorts one day in Jan! I love trying out new retardants when I’m home and of course checking off my list of things to do (type A)! Can’t wait to see the dinner party post, looks delicious!!!