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What a weird looking morning.0224160634-001The Nashville skies can’t seem to decide whether they want to be blue, brown, or grey today. Cloudy or clear. Rainy or not! I feel a storm stirring up.0224160653-001I didn’t let the questionable forecast keep me from getting out for my run this morning. I had street furniture to find! 0224160622-001This is one of my favorite street finds of 2016. Love this sofa chair sittin’ pretty on Seymour Ave. Get it now before the rain makes it too soggy.0224160625-001Five miles: Check! My runs have been pretty standard lately with nothing special (other than street furniture, of course) — hope you don’t mind. I’m soaking up the whole non-racing/non-training thing at the moment and it’s nice to just jog with zero goals. #trainingforlife

And eating for life. After a glorious weekend full of fried chicken it was nice to change things up with a vegetarian meal on Monday.edamame_shiitake_rice_bowl_DSC0418This Cook Smarts creation hit the spot! It’s one of the fastest/easiest recipes I’ve made from CS, too. After I prepped most of the ingredients on Sunday I think it took about 15 minutes to throw together on Monday night after work. Anthony and I even had time to go for a walk around the block after dinner — something I wish we had time/energy to do more often! edamame_shiitake_rice_bowl_DSC0412^^ See my red napkin?! I used the excess fabric from my table runner frenzy to make a set of matching napkins over the weekend. Martha S. would be proud.0221161808Anyways, back to the food. Here’s the lineup: edamame, shiitake mushrooms, and baby spinach, cooked in a soy/ginger/miso sauce. Served over a mix of brown rice and quinoa. Fried egg and sesame sprinkles on top.edamame_shiitake_rice_bowl_DSC0415BTW, I started cooking my brown rice using the famous Cook’s Illustrated oven method and have to admit: it actually does taste better than stove top brown rice. Much crispier and less mushy! BTW if you don’t have a Cook’s Illustrated subscription here’s a copycat recipe.

Time to grab my umbrella and get out of here!

  • Have you ever taken a training/racing break? Loved it or hated it?
  • How long does it take for you to cook a weeknight dinner, on average?
  • Is my red/maroon/salmon table runner (with MATCHING NAPKINS) ugly? Tell me the truth. Anthony thinks it’s too busy but I think it’s funky and fabulous.

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