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let’s talk tupperware: my favorite food storage finds

I’m so excited to type up this post! Today we are talking tupperware/food storage and I might be even more excited than when I wrote about pantry organization.
Between packing leftovers for our lunches on the weekdays and prepping/chopping ingredients on the weekends, I use a LOT of tupperware to store it all. (And ironically, none of them are Tupperware brand — oops!) On a Sunday afternoon, my kitchen counter usually looks like this:
And here’s a typical Monday:DSC0041-2
I’m a “go big or go home” type of person when it comes to Sunday food prep and knock out as much as possible at once to minimize clean-up and dish washing. Food prep usually takes two to three hours out of my weekend but it saves me so much time and stress Monday through Friday.

And if I’ve got the right type and right amount of tupperware on hand, it’s a breeze to store and seal everything for days. Here’s what our fridge looked like this past Sunday night, for example. Containers galore!best_tupperwares_food_prep_storage_DSC0400With so much storage going down in the Lambkin house, over the past couple of years I’ve come to cherish a handful of all-star food storage containers. Let me introduce you to some of my favorites!!food_storage_tupperware_review_DSC0406Sistema Kick-Knack Snack Cup. These mini tupperwares are perfect for toppings. They’re super small (only 1/4 cup) but mighty. I often use them when packing things that can’t be microwaved or need to be stored separate — such as minced garlic (when food prepping) or a sprinkle of cilantro (when packing lunches). This week I’ve been using them to hold sour cream and avocado to put on top of our leftover tacos!food_storage_tupperware_review_DSC0424First Years Take & Toss Snack Cup. These small containers are also good for toppings, herbs, and garnishes — and they’re the perfect size to store half a lime or half of a small avocado. The size is spot-on for snacks — they hold slightly more than half a cup and have a nice wide opening that you can easily fit your fingers in! I use them most frequently to store trail mix that Anthony takes to work every day. They’re not the greatest containers in terms of quality (I’d never microwave them or put them on the bottom rack of the dishwasher), but they’re super cheap ($6.50 for 6 containers) and work just fine for dry ingredients.best_food_storage_tupperware_containers_DSC0023Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid, 0.5 cup. These half-cup containers are just about the same size as the take & toss snack cups but are thicker and sturdier. I also use these for trail mix, toppings, garnishes, etc. and find that they make good salad dressing containers, too! You can fill them with liquid and toss them around without a worry.best_food_storage_tupperware_containers_DSC0028Anchor TruSeal, 1 cup. These are recent food storage finds of mine and I love them! I pack half a sliced banana, Greek yogurt, and trail mix to eat for breakfast at work just about every day and these are my favorite yogurt storage containers so far. The glass dish and flexi-tops are much easier to clean than plastic and are sealed super tight. Love the lime green lids, too!best_tupperwares_food_prep_storage_DSC0370best_tupperwares_food_prep_storage_DSC0372Sistema Klip-It, 1.2 cup. I also use these 1.2-cup storage for things like yogurt, fruit, and large batches of chopped herbs like parsley. Also good for shredded cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and avocado halves. _DSC0035Pyrex Round Dish and Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid, 2 cup. We have six or seven of these two-cup containers and I use them almost daily. My favorite ways to use the Pyrex 2-cup glass container is to store fruit and soups. Something about the glass makes the fruit seem even fresher and when it comes to soups, these babies are the perfect size for packing, storing, and heating in the microwave. As for the Rubbermaids, I like using them for fruit, diced herbs, small salads, and “tall” foods like a cupcake or half-sandwich.best_food_storage_tupperware_containers_DSC0017Pyrex Rectangle Dish, 3 cup. HANDS DOWN my favorite leftover storage container of all time. I’ve decided that three cups is the perfect packed lunch size for leftovers (at least for hungry people like Anthony and me). I recently ordered two more of these containers because I love them so much. They’re microwaveable and a breeze to wash. They lay flat, close tightly, and fit perfectly into Anthony’s backpack and my lunch bag, too. food_storage_tupperware_DSC0032Pyrex Rectangle Dish, 6 cup. And now we meet the Pyrex rectangle 3-cup’s big brother. The 6-cup is too big for packed lunches but perfect for marinating meat and storing hot leftovers. Also easy to clean and slides/stacks nicely on refrigerator shelves. I’m using it right now to marinate some chicken, actually!_DSC0006Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid, 7 cup. As you can tell, I’m a fan of the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid collection — they stack well, pack well, are fairly easy to clean, and affordable. I use them mostly for non-microwave foods  and prepped ingredients. These five-cup containers are good for storing chopped fruit or veggies and I’ve had zero leakage problems with them, even when storing soup! Also good for storing a dozen cookies.best_tupperwares_food_prep_storage_DSC0362I used them on Sunday as I was prepping for taco night. Mango slaw marinating in one container, chopped bell peppers prepped in another!best_tupperwares_food_prep_storage_DSC0365Tell me your food storage secrets in the comments!

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      • Yes! Had it last night (and today for lunch!) it was good, but mostly just tasted like teriyaki chicken. I definitely agree with your recommendation to double all spices. However, I forgot this tip until after I’d made the sauce, so I just added lots of soy sauce instead.

  1. Love this! Is it crazy that one of the things I am looking forward to when I move in with my boyfriend next month is how amazing our Pyrex collection is going to be…? I try to use mostly glass storage and have a combo of Pyrex, Anchor and Pampered Chef gear. TJ Maxx has a good selection usually, so I always keep my eyes peeled there. What are your thoughts on mason jars for storage?

    • i also love a good tupperware deal at TJ Maxx! haha. I love mason jars for flowers and knick knacks, but I’m not big on them for food storage because 1) they don’t stack or fit into each other well and 2) they have skinny openings, making them harder to clean; stick your hand into; use for leftovers that aren’t soups or salads; or stick a wide measuring cup into. just my personal food storage opinion though.