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miles + meals catch-up

Happy Friday! It’s the end of the week and I realized I have some miles and meals to catch up on. Starting with a double dose of street-side Pringles cans. Which flavor do you like better?0225160652a0225160652These lovely containers (along with a variety of other junk food wrappers and bags) were spotted at… the TRACK! It’s been about five months since I tried to run in circles fast so yesterday I decided to give it a shot.0225160651Deep down I think I was excited to do a little speed session, but I woke up feeling very blah and the weather yesterday was even more blah. 0225160624The thought of sprinting and counting too much was overwhelming so I kept my workout simple: three one-mile reps with a 90-second rest between each one, plus a half-mile warm up and a half-mile cool down. Looking back to an almost-identical workout from April 2015, I was only a little slower yesterday thanI was last year (6:45-ish miles yesterday, 6:35-ish miles in 2015)! Which was actually very surprising given that I haven’t done any speedwork/races since my marathon.

Anthony came to the track too. He likes to do shorter, faster reps. Look at him go!0225160651bFour miles over before I knew it. Oh, and I also forgot to tell you about a run from Sunday. I guess Anthony and I got caught up in the run because this is the only photo I have from the five miles: 0221161152a-001Hoping that it warms up this weekend so that I can wear shorts again! The weather is being so fickle right now and it’s torture.

Other highlights of the week (how is it Friday already?!): Soup night! We hosted our church group over and each of the five couples brought their favorite soup to share. If you’re looking for a potluck idea, this was fun!
And the last meal on the Cook Smarts menu this week: Chicken yakitori. _DSC0013After marinating the chicken in a soy/ginger sauce in one of my favorite tupperwares, Anthony grilled it outside to get it nice and crispy. Snap peas, cabbage, and rice/quinoa on the bottom._DSC0012This meal was pretty good but next time I’ll add Pringles 😉 Have a great weekend!

  • Last time you felt “blah” about a run?
  • Other fun potluck ideas? My group does potlucks every few weeks so I’m always looking for something new to try!
  • Pringles: Pizza or BBQ?!

3 thoughts on “miles + meals catch-up

  1. I used to love Pringles as a kid (I think it was because they came in a can and were stackable) but now I can’t stand the taste.

    My husbands family does a soup pot luck for Thanksgiving! They always get together the weekend after Thanksgiving day and by then everyone is usually tired of turkey anyway, so we just get lots of different kinds of soup! Everyone loves it!

  2. I think pizza pringles are my fav. I have weekly track workouts with my run group, but lately I’ve felt blah about them too! I’m just not where I was speed wise this time last year and I’m really still not training for anything so it’s hard for me to be excited about it.

  3. Last blah run was about 2 days ago. I was aiming for mile repeats < GP but because of a fall on my butt a week earlier, my butt muscles weren't working too well and my pace wound up 30s slower. Blah.

    My family does a sort of potluck that involves wrapping wontons. It's totally delicious and you get instant gratification.

    I've actually eaten Pringles maybe twice in my life, so I'm not the best judge of Pizza or BBQ flavor!