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Greetings! How was your weekend?0227160830The weather in Nashville has been gorgeous for the past few days. Perfect for running!0227160814aOn Saturday I headed out for my usual weekend long run which I’ve kept around 10-ish miles for the past few months. Since I’m not training for anything, this feels like the perfect “long” distance to me. I have no idea how I ever ran 15-22 milers when marathon training… isn’t it funny how your definition of “long” can change so quickly?

I ran down Broadway street to see what was happening at the honky tonks. Answer: Nothing, because it was 8 a.m. :)
Downtown Nash is the land of cranes! Lots of new stuff coming to our city. The Nashville’s Business Report’s crane watch is one of my favorite things to track lately.  0227160802Ten miles, done! Love when I can perfectly measure out a route in my head.0227160858aPost-run breakfast. This “Jammin’ Lemon Ginger” tea has been my jam lately. IMG_20160227_094211And dinner! We made a number of fun dishes over the weekend but one of my favorites was last night’s chicken pot pie from Cook Smarts.chicken_pot_pie_DSC0064I slow-cooked the chicken so that it was nice and tender. Other fillings: Carrots, peas, celery, and onion. Plus a splash of sherry! This Kitchn post gives a quick overview on the joys of cooking with sherry. chicken_pot_pie__DSC0070Side dish was a simple kale salad. But let’s talk about what’s on the bottom of the dish!rustic_table_runner_white_blue_DSC0067A new table runner! Highlight of my weekend was an hour-long adventure inside Jo-Ann’s fabric store. I stocked up on this sturdy, off-white fabric and spent Sunday afternoon stitching up an XL (105-inch) table runner for our long, skinny table.  With a little blue stripe for pizzazz :) rustic_table_runner_white_blue_DSC0069I have matching fabric for napkins, but those will have to wait until this weekend!

Last note of the day: Anyone out there subscribe to consumer reports? They recently featured an in-depth review on home treadmills and ellipticals if you’re interested.consumer_reports_treadmills_DSC0061Here’s a sneak peek at the winners! I just need to monetize my table linen hobby so that I can make $3,800 and buy one of these bad boys.consumer_reports_treadmills_DSC0058Off for a Monday morning run. See you on the flip side.

  • Do you have a treadmill at home? If so, what kind?
  • Locals: Best honky tonk bar in Nashville?
  • Table runners: Do you have them? Buy them often? Think they’re a waste of money?

5 thoughts on “weekend running, cooking, and crafting

  1. I bought a pro form 2000 last November and is has served me well! I love that it has a spot that I can plug in my iPad for Netflix, a fan, and speakers. But what I’m really looking forward to is warmer weather and not using for a while :)

    Love the table runner- I snatched up my moms old sewing machine, but haven’t made anything yet, but your sewing is inspiring me to use it!

  2. The treadmill review is interesting – I will need to read more about it. We have a TRUE treadmill and love it! It can handle heavy/fast running. My only real complaint is that the motor cover should be made of better material.