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overcoming race envy + latest cooking adventures

Morning!0229160637^^ We’re expecting thunderstorms at 10:30 this morning, but yesterday this skies were so clear and blue. And gold! Dare I say that it’s spring?0229160644One of my favorite little street sketches in East Nashville. You can find this pickle family near the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Riverside Drive.0229160626Six miles in the books for Monday. As for today, I’m checking out our NEW (to us) gym. Anthony and I finally got fed up with our old gym and made the switch. We’re now YMCA members! village_peepsBut back to running: Did anyone race over this past weekend? My Facebook/Instagram feed seemed to fill up with finish line photos and I admit that I felt a twinge of race jealousy. I’m purposely not training for anything right now and with spring race season starting, it’s hard to resist the itch to sign up for something. I Googled around for race envy articles and advice, but this topic seems to be the one thing that’s actually not on the Internet to date. Any tips or advice for staying cool, calm, and collected when you’re just a casual runner during peak race season?20140524_070245One coping mechanism: Lots of cooking! :) On Saturday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen prepping stuff for the week and tackling Cook’s Illustrated’s Peruvian grilled chicken recipe (copycat recipe here).cooks_illustrated_peruvian_chicken_DSC0055This is the second time we’ve made this dish and it was just as tasty as I remember. Since it requires a homemade spice rub and homemade mayo, I wouldn’t put this in the easy weeknight meal category. But it’s fun if you want to do something fancier. cooks_illustrated_peruvian_chicken_DSC0049I handled the roasted potatoes/carrots and broccoli while Anthony manned the grill. Now that it’s not freezing outside, we’re looking forward to firing up the barbie more often! _DSC0044Yum. We finished off this meal with two episodes of The Good Wife — it’s getting INTENSE!cooks_illustrated_peruvian_chicken_DSC0047Have a super Tuesday!

  • Locals: What classes are the best at Nashville-area YMCAs?
  • Do you cook on the weekends or go out more?
  • Tips for avoiding “race envy” ?!!

3 thoughts on “overcoming race envy + latest cooking adventures

  1. Try looking up FOMO (fear of missing out) + running. There are some articles/blog posts along the race envy lines. I find the best thing to do when feeling that way is volunteer at a race! That way you get to be a part of the scene, get your race fix, and it also helps you to remember the not-so-great parts of racing and pat yourself on the back, too.